Step 3: Cut the hair on one side of your head.

Picture of Cut the hair on one side of your head.
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First, comb the hair in front so that it falls to the side again, as you normally would.

Then, tilt your head so that the side with the part is facing up, and the hair on the opposite side from the part is hanging down.

With your fingers, pull the hair down so that it is hanging straight down.

The hair in front should be hanging down to about where the yellow line is in the first photo.  What you want to do now is cut all the hair on the side of your head to that length, a bit longer near the top of your head, and rather short near your ears.  The angle of the yellow line in the picture shows the length of the side hair that I am trying to get.

Use your scissors to cut all the hair hanging down on the side, until its length is about even with that line.

As you cut further towards the back of your head, try to follow the curve of your skull, so the hair is the same length all the way around toward the back of your head.  Just do this as far as you can see it in the mirror - don't try to cut it like that all the way around the back, just as far as you can see in the mirror.