Step 4: Now for the other side.

Picture of Now for the other side.
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Tilt your head the other way so that the hair on the other side of your head (the side with the part in it) is facing downward.

Use your fingers to pull it all straight down.

Now, cut the hair on this side of your head so that the length of hair on this side matches that of the other side.  Again, the yellow line in the photo shows the length you should go for, slightly longer at the top of the head, getting shorter near the ears.

I am right-handed, and I have my part on the left side (these pictures are taken in a mirror, so they are reversed).  This means that for this side of my head, I have to use my left hand to cut.  My scissors are made for this, but it takes a bit of practice before you get any good at cutting your hair with either hand.  Just watch what you are doing, go slowly and carefully, and you should be fine.

Once again, try to cut the hair so it's the same length around the head toward the back, but only go as far as you can see.  Cutting the hair in back is done using a different technique, and we'll deal with the back of the head momentarily.