Step 5: Cut the Hair on Top of Your Head Next.

Now we need to cut the hair on top of the head.  We don't want it to be too short, or it will stick up and not lay flat.  How much should we cut off?

Well, we already cut the hair at the very front, over the forhead, and that's the length we want, so now we just need to cut the rest of the hair on top until it's the same length as the hair in front.

To do that, make a comb with your fingers and run it through your hair on top of your head, near the forehead.  Pull your fingers away from your head until you see the hair at the very front is just sticking through your fingers.  This means that all the hair that's still sticking up through your hand is longer than the forhead hair we cut earlier.  In the photo, that's shown by the orange line.

Now that you have the length, and all the hair above the hand (sticking up between your fingers) is too long, take your scissors in the other hand and lay the scissors on top of the hand holding the clumps of hair, and cut off all the hair above the hand, so that the remaining hair (under your hand) is the same length as the hair over your forehead.  Be careful not to cut your fingers!

You may notice that, at this point, you're cutting your hair more by feel than visually.  You get the length of the hair visually, but laying the scissors on your hand and cutting the hair doesn't require your vision, just your sense of touch.  This is how we cut the hair at the back of the head - use your hand as a comb, feel for the length, and the cut all hair beyond that length.  You can't cut it too short, and you can do everything by feel.

Anyway, let's not worry about the back of the head for now.  We have to finish the top of the head first.  Once you have that first handful of hair cut down to size, use the finger-comb method on the hair that's a bit further toward the back of your head, to about the same heaght, using the hair you cut in the last handful to guide you on the length this time.  You can make the length of the top-hair a little shorter as you go further back, by making the hand holding the hair go closer to your head, but don't get too much shorter than that, or the hair in the back will stick up like Alfalfa (or Dennis the Menace), and you don't need a rooster tail back there!  Anyway, keep working your way toward the back of the head, finger-combing and cutting.

The further back you go, the more you will be cutting by feel.  That's the way it's done.
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awesome! going to try this soon. thanks a bunch.
Thanks for this instructable. I've been needing the courage to cut my own hair and you gave it to me! Thanks !
this very nice <br>
Thanks for sharing this. You took a lot of time and put in a lot of effort.Excellent video, photos and write up.
This could not have come at a better time. My husband looks like Erik Estrada from CHiPs, but with longer wavy hair.
That's fantastic. Excellent work, and lots of really good tips. :D

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