The benefits of a summer camp experience for children are enormous! The American Camp Association http://www.acacamps.org/ has done extensive research, and it seems readily apparent that a summer camp experience for kids increases their confidence, their independence, their ability to care for others and their willingness to shoulder responsibility.

Knowing all this, still doesn't make it easier for parents to send their children off to summer camp! However, there are things they can do to increase the likelihood of a positive and successful camp experience. First, you need to choose a camp.

This Instructable is here to help! Hosted by Camp Fire USA Central Ohio Council http://www.centralohiocampfire.org/, operating summer camps in and around Columbus Ohio, they encourage you to partner with an organization in your community in getting your child outside this summer!

Step 1: Involve Your Child... Early!

Don't make the mistake of choosing a camp FOR your child! Choose a summer camp WITH your child. You are taking the first step towards a positive camp experience for the whole family. Children that feel forced to go camp, or who don't have their voice heard throughout the process will inevitably face the likelihood of intense homesickness, behavior problems, and an unpleasant experience.

Start early! Smart parents plan a full year ahead. Many camps have discounted rates if you enroll early. Summer camps face a cash flow challenge during the winter months and therefore often offer incentives for those willing to register early, and particularly for those willing to pay in full early. Additionally, it can be very disappointing for you and your child to decide on a camp, only to discover they are full!
Boy scouts have great programs and a lot cheaper.
Camp Highlands for Boys in Sayner, WI is by far, hands dow the best boys camp on Earth. 108 summers of fun and thousands of worthwhile men created here.
I suggest you try IF YOU LIVE IN MINNESOTA, Big Sandy Camp on Big Sandy Lake!
Boy Scout Camps are some of the best. The ones I have been to (as I live in Florida in the South East) are: http://www.campdanielboone.org/ , http://www.nega-bsa.org/camp_rainey_mountain2.htm , and there are plenty of others. Boy scout camps uphold Boy Scout Values. (Duh.) and are typically 1 week. That was a part of my life that I will always remember.

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