This video will give you the basic steps on decorating the inside of an egg.
<p>Those are so cool! I don't want them to spoil! eeeww :)</p>
<p>i just voted your cute egg craft :) </p>
thanks for your vote!!
<p>you're welcome :)</p>
<p>you're welcome :)</p>
<p>Here's a pic of the eggs</p>
<p>I voted for you! Love it :)</p><p>It will be great if you can upload photos of the eggs you made, in the video are too small.</p>
<p>Yes, that's a good idea. I will do that!</p>
<p>any chance of written instructions as I use the computer in the library which is 15 miles from where I leave. Thanks fab tut</p>
Hi Suezanne, let me see what I can do. Not sure when I'll be able to get to it, but I'll try. Thanks for your note and interest.
<p>voted for you</p>
I am totally voting for this one!
Why, thank you!! I keep entering the contests, but never won! :( thanks for your vote!
<p>nice creative idea!</p>
Thanks Pat! Gonna make one??
<p>WOW THATS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!! ;P</p>
Thank you thehbird!
That is sooooo cool!!!!!!!!
thanks RInger1515!!
Wow ~(;@)
insanely good

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