Picture of How to defeat a witch
Traditionally, witches' curses tend to cause bad dreams. This is a traditional prevention and cure.

Step 1: Where to find materials

Picture of Where to find materials
Almost any pebbled beach. Flint pebbles are best.

For this Instructable, I chose Bognor Regis' beach, but any well-pebbled beach you have handy will do.
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romeoth71 year ago

I must be nice don't want karma to get me ..... do you know what people fear the most? the unknown? we are all witches in one way or another? the most powerful spell is the word? Don't deceive yourself into thinking you don't cast spells over other people? They say that in the beginning was the word but the other word comes from the devil himself. Witches guard their knowledge well.... Sin is the karma... Anything that try's to control you comes from the devil.... the devil hates free will.... do you really think stones will save you from a witch? none of these witches can fool me? Truth doesn't remain hided forever and when the end of times comes near... truth will be reveal but only a few will believe it. The greatest trick is making someone believe that you have power that you don't have and the greatest deception is making someone think he or she has power to control others. Now I do believe that evil is alive and some have demonic powers and the only way to defeat this evil is by the word of God... I would bet on any magical item or silly mumbo jumbo to save your soul. Does all witches spells come true? let's do the math work?

Kiteman (author)  romeoth71 year ago
Hmm, let's see...

Can you give me reliable evidence that there exists a being that is evil incarnate?

Can you give me reliable evidence of any magic spell actually working?

Can you give me reliable evidence of the existence of karma?
ilpug4 years ago
To learn more effective ways of witch-disposal, watch "Monty Python's Quest For The Holy Grail"
As a practicing WITCH of many years, I find your post rude, distasteful, and some one should put a spell on you and give you Nightmares that you can never protect yourself from! thank goodness I believe in Karma and me doing it to you isn't worth what would come back on me! your a JERK!
Kiteman (author)  DoItHerselfDiva7 years ago
Exactly what do you find "rude and distasteful"? This post is about a traditional decoration with roots in the belief that witches were real. You claim to be Wiccan, which is not the same at all - hags are "Christian" witches, brides of Satan and active enemies of the Church and Christ. Wiccans are pagans, borrowing their themes from the old Druidic tradition, but leaving out the Circle tradition for "modern" sensibilities.

Nightmares: feel free to try. I here-by absolve you of all Karmic consequence, and give you full permission to try and give me nightmares.

By the way, the concept of Karma is Buddhist, and has no part of Wicca.

Further by the way, you are aware that Wicca is as made-up a religion as Scientology and Jedi, don't you? Do a little research.
grogle Kiteman6 years ago
what do u call a male witch? a wizard?
Kiteman (author)  grogle6 years ago
Sometimes "warlock", sometimes still "witch".
Now YOU research. I know alot of male witches, and they would ALL be offended if you called them warlocks.
Kiteman (author)  Kelsie Waller6 years ago
How about if I replaced the w of warlock with a b?

I can't believe so many people are taking this so seriously, and how many people treat a modern re-invention as if it was the original Old Religion...
Oh, you mean like how Christianity is a re-invention of Judaism?
Kiteman (author)  phoenix125 years ago
And how Judaism is a re-hash of Babylonian and Greek myths.

(Actually, no. Not exactly. Druidism was actually extinct, until one man rewrote it and rebranded it as Wikka).
Don't take it seriously, who really knows a bunch of "male witches"?
Kiteman (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
You'd be surprised...
Maybe this should be titled "How to Defeat a Witch's Curse" instead, therefore no one can say that you're being racist to witches or something strange like that.
A male Witch is exactly that...A male Witch. A Wizard is mythological and a Warlock is an Oath-Breaker.
JKibs95 Kiteman6 years ago
I'm a fan o' the Kiteman, but there are some holes in your argument. 1. Karma, while being a Buddhist thing, does have a part in Wicca. One of the big concepts is that "Whatever you do, good or bad, comes back to you threefold." 2. Wicca is no more made up than Christianity. They are both valid religions. 3. redhotcurvz never claimed to be Wiccan. She says she is a practicing witch... different things.
Kiteman (author)  JKibs956 years ago
1. OK. 2. True. Wicca is as valid as Christianity. And Jedi. And Scientology. 3. Oops. My bad.
For number two, the only difference is how much they get bagged out by 4chan /b/ thread.
VEry true. You are a jerk. And if a witch cursing you did it for no reason (starting to think he or she had good reason) then if he/she is wiccan (REAL wiccan, not this messed up version) then she/he would have had three times what he/she did done to her. But your just plain mean. :P Whoever curses you has my thanks. Jerk.
Thank You very much for understanding why I went off on this jerk to begin with. He is ignorant,rude,discriminatory and offensive to Me as well as My beliefs.At least some people understand but what boggles Me is that this argument has gone on for over a year! Blessed Be and thanks again
Mitten8 years ago
Throw her in a pond, with said rocks tied to her. If she lives, shes a witch, if she dies, she isn't (wasn't) a witch.
Or, you could just weigh her and see if she's heavier than a duck.
and if she is lighter than a duck, how do you destroy her?lob the holy hand grenade at her? send her of to fight the bunny of evil? HOW??
Kiteman (author)  xenobiologista8 years ago
"It's a fair cop".

(I grew up with Python)
If she lives, your screwed. >:(
trebuchet038 years ago
Here's another specific method :p "Should you determine the particular witch is of the 'wicked' type, a properly aimed bucket full of water will quickly vaporize said witch."
That actualy agood one. lol
Yeah right, as IF. LOL thats funny! Throw water on an evilish witch and she'll kill you! Hahahahahahah! So funny!
I have always preferred using an anti-witch water cannon...it adds a bit more excitement.
gamerlife5 years ago
I happen to be a said "male-witch" and as I do prefer the term wizard, I would be highly upset if you called me a warlock. I also disapprove of this instructable and find it mean.
and7barton6 years ago
I always defeat a witch by using an ancient method, called the "Shout of Force", rather like Tai Chi but with much faster moves. Position yourself around three-quarters of an arm-length away from the witch. Using your best arm, clench your fist solidly, then draw back your arm and uttering your favourite shamanic "Shout of Force", aim and hit said witch between the eyes. The "Shout of Force" should be uttered as loudly as you can muster and is very effective. It's amazing what you can do with the power of the human voice.
Hi, i'm a WITCH and why do you need to defeat a witch? If you want her or him to stop then ask nicely. Eeeesh. And if said witch you 'defeated' was cursing you, and you DIDN'T do anything to her or him and if he or she cursed you for no reason, she or he would have gotton what was coming to him/her without you yelling in her/his face.
There are very real occasions wherein there is a need to fight metaphysical harm using metaphysical means. Let's not be hypocritical here, if you had the weapons to legally stop someone from hurting you, wouldn't you use it? About Karma and the "Law of 3", is it a belief which you have personally verified to be true? Or was it just an idea just made up by your founder? You wiccans make the question of whether to hurt or not to hurt someone come more from the fear of retribution, rather than tolerance and respect for others, of which you even try to "behoove" by putting a multiplier like the number 3. And how many wiccan publications/books are out there that have teachings to overpower your opponents? I know cuz I used to be a wiccan. The good thing is that THERE ARE weapons to defeat a witch, wiccan or any other. And there is a real need for them because there are certainly bad wiccans that forget your law of 3, however unfounded that belief may be just like there are bad christians. The same way that our society needs guns. How to defeat a witch? there are chillingly effective ways of doing it, I have done it several times.
One that uses the magical arts and a "witch" may be implying different things, granted, Hermione Granger was meant to be a witch but she wasn't meen, the word "witch" implies that of a hag in modern day English.
Kiteman (author)  and7barton6 years ago
...and the power of human muscles... ;-)
It demonstrates the real power of physics over silly tosh.
No dirty lens. That's a picture of the ghost sent to give you nightmares. XD
Kiteman (author)  DucttapeNinja5 years ago
Haha, as along as it stays on Bognor beach, I'm fine.

Angelofgod5 years ago
You'll are funny, think you all know! but you'll now nothing, the holy bible said (what is wisdom to man is foolishness to God) a true witch cannot be defeated like that, the only way you can defeated a true witch is with the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST all witches now that this is true, thats why they know who to mess with. It's written (Thou believes that their is one God thou do'es well the Devils also believed and tremble.)
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