This is a small tutorial that I've been thinking on adding, so you guys won't die of waiting for me to upload.
Enjoy!- JJRAT

Quiz: What Anime is the desktop from?

Step 1: Find Your Unwanted Files

Gather your unwanted trash that's been sitting in your Disk for a million years in the cold, dark folder you never visit.

Step 2: Drag N' Destroy

Drag your files into the Trash Bin-looking app and right click it, and press "Delete".

Step 3: DONE!

Yay! Your now done! I know this was pretty short, but it was the only content that I could make at the time. Please enjoy, and goodbye~JJRAT

That just deletes the shorcut UR not auctally doing anything just because u can't see it DOSENT mean it's not there
<p>What's a shorcut? </p>
<p>You don't need the trash bin. Just select the files, right click them and select 'Delete', or just select them and press the 'DEL' key. </p><p>The trash bin is useful to recover files you deleted accidentally, though.</p><p>BTW: The trash bin is NOT a place to store files you may want to get back later (like you store unused stuff in the attic). Files will not stay there forever - once it reaches a certain size (like 10% of drive size), it will forget the oldest files (like your attic is wet and old stuff moulds [okay, not the best example, but, anyway]). </p>
<p>The trash bin is where the deleted items go, so it IS needed. This is just one of the ways to do it, I didn't put up everysingle method. </p>
<p>It is NOT needed to delete stuff (and that's what your instructable is about). </p><p>Is is of course needed to get accidentally deleted stuff back. That is the reason it is there for.</p><p>But you are right, there are a lot of ways to delete files. </p><p>I just wanted to point out two methods where you don't have to dig out the trash bin icon on the desktop just to delete a file. Mark file, press DEL key - done. (Or press Shift-DEL to delete without sending file to the trash bin - but well then gone is gone)</p>
<p>If the trashbin didn't exist, you couldn't delete files :D</p><p>The only man who doesn't need the bin is Chuck Norris. </p><p>Cuz he deleted the trash bin. </p>
<p>This is a joke, right?</p>
<p>Instructables is still the way it's always been. I'm doing some Computer how-to instuctables, but click on the &quot;Recent Instructables&quot; and you'll learn that it's still a DIY site.</p>
OMG. Instructables is not what it used to be.<br>What's next? How to copy files?<br>LOL :)
<p>You can also just left-click the file and the press &lt;del&gt; to move it to the trashcan. If you don't want the step of emptying the trashcan and feel save enough, you can also press &lt;shift&gt;+&lt;del&gt; to immediately delete files. </p>
<p>Yeah, I forgot to write that....(Fail) </p><p>And you can also drag your mouse around to make a blue bubble around the unwanted files and press Delete or drag it to the bin. </p>

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