Introduction: How to Design a Poster: Graphic Design

Hierarchy of information is all about the order of importance of information. When you are making a poster, flyer business card, any printed material, you will have certain information that needs to be included. Some information will be more important than others, so if you are advertising a band gig then you wouldn't make the date and entry fee the largest piece of text, you would give the name of the band the most space as it is the identifying title that people will recognize. This session will look at how information text can be effectively set out on a poster.

The purpose of a poster is to convey information -- this can be done using either text, imagery, or most commonly a combination of the two. Whether a poster is intended to advertise an art exhibition or to address a political topic, it must always communicate the message in a direct and eye-catching manner in order to be a successful design.

When working with text you first need to start with all the information, so all the correct text ready to go. Then you can begin breaking down the text into an arrangement that catches the eye but also offers up all the information needed.

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n-trust made it! (author)2016-11-30

Thanks for your article . i highly appreciate your guidance.your point is really good that we have to collect all information about design . Text should be simple and impressive so people can understand and catch easily what you want to say.waiting for your next post .thank you.

SzczekS (author)2016-05-31

Thx for the article and video :) ;)

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