ok, first, just draw a basic head in all directions.

Step 1:

 then the usual body.

Step 2:

 now you can go 2 ways, pants or legs.

Step 3:

 now make a hairstyle, spiky, long, short, flat, or choose an animal hairstyle, like what i do, lion. or maby zebra. Just make it simple.

Step 4:

 then the arms.

Step 5:

 now some simple eyes just 2 lines |  |.

Step 6:

 then you can put somthing in there hands, like a sword, or a gun.

Step 7:

 now if you want you can add a name, like somthing simple and cool, like josh, peter, jacob, matt, seth. or somthing cool like Bandit or Duke.
I've had my own stick figure, Mr. Maninahatwithaballoon since 3rd grade. it was a simple faceless stick figure with a top hat on his head and a balloon in his left hand. Now, he has a face and hair.<br />

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