How to Design a Vase or Bowl With a 18x18 Cm Bamboo Sheet





Introduction: How to Design a Vase or Bowl With a 18x18 Cm Bamboo Sheet

My final project for Design by Nature class was to create a flatpack object made of bamboo.
The objective of this product is that it could have many principles of sustainability as possible. That is why I tried not to waste material and to think about a second use for my product.
In the end, this bamboo sheet can be assemble as a fruit bowl or a vase.

Step 1: Step One - Vase

Use a laser cutting technology to cut a bamboo sheet of 18x18x0,3 cm. Then separate the pieces of your vase.

Step 2: Step 02- Vase

Join the two pieces of the base interlocking them in the two bottom notches.

Step 3: Step 03- Vase

Get the larger stripe and put in the two top notches curving them a little bit up. Redo this to the other stripes.

Step 4: Step 04- Vase

Interlock all of the pieces. Redo steps 2 and 3 with the pieces left.

Step 5: Step 05- Vase

To lock both sides of your vase, put in the little piece in the two roles located in the base of your vase.

Step 6: Step01- Fruit Bowl

You can put the pieces together in a different way in order to assemble a fruit bowl.

Step 7: Step02- Fruit Bowl

Join the two pieces of the base interlocking them
in the indicated notches . Do the same with the other two pieces.

Step 8: Step03- Fruit Bowl

To create the base of your fruit bowl, put the two pieces side by side.

Step 9: Step 04- Fruit Bowl

Then get the 2 smallest strips and put them in the indicated notches.
In that way, the base will be fixed.

Step 10: Step 05- Fruit Bowl

Interlock the other pieces.



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    Do you have a picture of the finished product? I bet it's quite an attractive piece.

    simply amazing and beautiful!

    This is very clever - do you have any photos of a finished bowl?

    Unfortunaly I still don't have my pictures... But i'll post them later. TKS!

    Very nice, I'll try this with my scroll-saw (since i don't have access to a laser cutter:-( ).

    Thank you! Let me know if it works...