Picture of How to design and visualize a HOODIE
Hi I'm in for the hoodie. Something totally different on this one.  

It amazing when I started to think about designing clothing. I had no idea where to start, bud the idea to create  clothing started to grow on me. Finally i wanted to draw a hoodie. Bud not just a hoodie...bud the perfect hoodie for me. Precisely like i want it. And if you follow these steps you can create the perfect hoodie for you. Precisely like YOU want it.

This instructabol shows my creative proses from designing a hoodie to making a visual. What sorts of steps i use to design and visualize. The drawing is done in sketchbook pro withs is really nice drawing software.

Enjoy !
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Step 1: LOOK UP Inspiration!

Picture of LOOK UP Inspiration!
Look on-line for some nice inspiration. I like sports, colors, lights and more stuff like that. ill sometime just spend time looking at video's and soaking and thinking about it. 

fashion designer. 

and some Awesome inspiration! 

Step 2: Digital sketching!

Picture of digital sketching!
test 3.tif
test 4.tif
Start making small hoodies. They don't have to have a great amount of details. It is more like, how many hoodies can you draw in 30 min. when you have an idea how your ideal hoodie looks like. You can draw it whit colors and add more details. Just feel free enjoy the process. 

When you finished the drawing think about a people-group that will wear your hoodie. And go do some research on them. Now thing about what you would like to wear if you were one of them. Maby you can aks yourself what do you want in a hoodie?. What is just perfect?

I just sketch some ideas. Not working loner on them then 3 minints each. They are fast, and have to be fast.. ill be doing this until i get a idea that i want to work out. I often more look at shapes and just detailing the picture in my mind. This all before spending hours of time on it.

these are some tutorials on digital sketching. enjoy