Picture of How to design and visualize a HOODIE
Hi I'm in for the hoodie. Something totally different on this one.  

It amazing when I started to think about designing clothing. I had no idea where to start, bud the idea to create  clothing started to grow on me. Finally i wanted to draw a hoodie. Bud not just a hoodie...bud the perfect hoodie for me. Precisely like i want it. And if you follow these steps you can create the perfect hoodie for you. Precisely like YOU want it.

This instructabol shows my creative proses from designing a hoodie to making a visual. What sorts of steps i use to design and visualize. The drawing is done in sketchbook pro withs is really nice drawing software.

Enjoy !

Step 1: LOOK UP Inspiration!

Picture of LOOK UP Inspiration!
Look on-line for some nice inspiration. I like sports, colors, lights and more stuff like that. ill sometime just spend time looking at video's and soaking and thinking about it. 

fashion designer. 

and some Awesome inspiration!