Are you tired of all the boring mainstream Ikea furniture?

Do you have an empty space on your wall or floor?

Do you have an old tire, bath tub or aeroplane engine ( unlikely but still possible).

Well then look no further as this guide will tell you just how to design your own custom and unique piece of furniture.

In this instructable I will be using a chest of drawers made out of a bathtub as an example.

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Step 1: Planning/concepts

The first thing you should do when designing anything is to brainstorm all of the features you want and in order of importance for example it should look something like this:
    1. Storage
    2. made out of a bath tub
    3. Large opening door
    4. drawers
    5. flat top of plant pot top
    6. wall hanging
    7. Bath tub feet as handles
    8. sturdy
      As you may have noticed several of the features are dependant on the material. So depending on the material it can be useful and easier to design your piece of furniture around the material, however this can limit the possibilities of the design.
      Once you have brainstormed all of the features you would like to be in the final design you can just go crazy and begin to draw (or model) your ideas.
      Once you are happy that you have explored every possibility you can decide which one to make based on looks and the amount of features that it has.

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