How to Deskunk Your Pet or Yourself With Stuff in Your Home!!!!





Introduction: How to Deskunk Your Pet or Yourself With Stuff in Your Home!!!!

Okay this is what i was told to deskunk my dog and i was skeptical. my dog just got sprayed this morning and now she smells like her old self using this method. this is cheap and effective. dont attempt tomato juice cause it doesnt do anything but make a mess and dont spend a lot on expensive shampoos to fight this. you probably have this all at your house right now making it that much easier since you dont have to drive to a store while fido is stinking up the place

Items you will need are:

1. Baking Soda
2. Hydrogen Peroxide
3. Dawn dish soap

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

get your baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and dawn soap

make sure you have new bottle of hydrogen peroxide so it will work best

Step 2: Mixing

Mix the ingredients together using these ammounts

4 cups of Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 cup of baking soda
1 tsp of dawn dish soap

the key to this mixture is timing. mix up your ingredients and apply immediately to get the full affect. if your pet got sprayed on the face be sure to not get this in their eyes or ears as it will hurt. i used a wash cloth to get every inch of her face. once the affected area has be covered with the mixture let sit for 15-45 mins depending on the magnitude of the smell.

Step 3: Washing Off the Cleaner

Now you can rinse off the mixture and reapply if the smell is still present. then use the shampoo of your choice to give your dog a better smell than the peroxide.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Pet Smell Free

Now enjoy your pet that no longer has the smell of skunk!!!!



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    our chihuahua saw a "black cat" last night and gave chase. came back SKUNKED.

    used this method and now is un-SKUNKED. now have to do the same to the carpet she rubbed on

    Hi K-all:

    When you add Baking soda to hydrogen it changes it chemically. Try it on yourself. ALSO, I wouldn't leave it on the pet for much more than 5 minutes. If it doesn't completely work the first time, try again in a few hours (if you can stand it) for ONLY 5 minutes. :)

    Hi. Please, please understand the dangers of posting this dangerous suggestion (which sadly appears all over the web): Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical! That should not be taken lightly. Using it in this way is like BLEACHING your dog. It will damage the fur terribly, it can permanently damage your dog's eyes, and you know how it dries out your fingertips on a cotton ball? That's what it's doing to your pet's WHOLE body. And Dawn dish soap is also NOTHING BUT CHEMICALS. There's a reason it's strong enough to "take grease out of the way." I don't get how people who care so much for their pets can douse them in chemicals and think nothing of it. There are a few good all-natural de-skunk cleaners on the market. Kenic, Green Clean and Buddy Rhodes Presents are the ones I know.

    Wow! thanks for the recipe for this defumer! Works amazing!!! My dog and I truely smell better now.

    I can second (or third, or whatever) the efficacy of this mix.  Used it on my dog who got hit by a skunk several years ago, & it completely neutralized the smell.

    One note of caution: be careful not to get the solution in your pets eyes!

    OP thanks for posting.  Credit should also go to the guy who discovered this formula, a chemist named Paul Krebaum who was doing research using chemicals called thiols - some of the nastiest smelling chemicals around.  Thiols are produced by many things, including the degradation of proteins.  Thiols are responsible for the odors that come from decomposing flesh and fecal matter.  Thiols in skunk spray are what makes it so noxious.

    I will gladly 'fourth' it.

    Thank you for adding the history behind this method!   :D

    My pleasure.

    If you want more, Google his name.  Kinda interesting story.  He came up with the mixture in the lab & it worked so well on the lab chemicals he went driving around and found a dead roadside skunk to test it on , lol.

    great instructable!
    I am just concerned that would anything happen to my dog (like allergy etc)?