Destroying a Justin Bieber CD using a high voltage power supply.
<p>Here a few old CD Red Alert 2 that will never work again. Here is the video. Intense plasma.</p>
<p>great choice of singer to destroy.</p>
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Osam :*
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If you try this on a burned disc, does this mean you can burn it again?
Sorry, can you re-phrase that?
He means: Will &quot;erasing&quot; the CD-R make a CD-R writeable once more.<br><br>Answer: No.<br>
Oh I see now, <br><br>lol I hope he was only joking.
I think the joke is that you're (literally) burning a &quot;burned&quot; disc. :)
No, the thin layer of metallised materiel gets vaporised rendering it useless.<br><br>But it is a good thing if you want to permanently erase a data-disc.
<br> OK, it's good, what is the power-supply?<br> <br> L<br>
Thanks,<br><br>It was a flyback transformer with a HV capacitor connected in parallel across it to give the sparks more grunt.
<br> I works, cool-noises too.<br> <br> L<br>
Pretty colors. Nice job
Thanks ( :

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