How to Destroy Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 Internet Connection Using a Nintendo Ds or Ds Lite.





Introduction: How to Destroy Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 Internet Connection Using a Nintendo Ds or Ds Lite.

In this instructable I will be teaching you the easy way to lose internet connection to a xbox 360 be using wi-fi connection on a Ds. Someone has confirmed that it works for ps3 but i dont have a ps3 so im taking his word. Try using the same steps as the xbox but on a ps3. Recently, someone has tested wii but i believe it may not work all the time.

Step 1: Blueprints

Connect to wi-fi on your ds with a game that has wi-fi game modes on it and you should see on the xbox that the connection has been lost or interupted. It works on both the new call of duty games (4 and World at war) so it should work on other games that has xbox live on it. It should say the same for ps3 but i dont have one. Wii im not sure what it says either.

Step 2: Recomendations

My brother plays cod 5 so i tend to use mario kart ds which i think has the best wifi inercepting connection things. Basically the best game to use.

Step 3: If You Dont Know How to Connect to Wi-fi on Your Ds Then Follow This Step.

1. Find a section saying Nintendo wi-fi settings. Go to it.
2. Press the big blue button saying Nintendo wi-fi connection settings then click on connection 1.
3. Find your internet name and connect ( you may have to enter your wep key ). Then it will test your connection.

Then you can connect to wi-fi.

Step 4: Thanks for Viewing.

As the title explains... and check my account for my guns. Thank you to Kulawend who tested it and said that it worked for the ps3. Thanks to Matt1497 for the test on wii.



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    wii is the worst excuse for a consle I've ever seen everybody plays wii bowling for five hours and then never uses it again.

    Hahaha that's what happened with mine...

    ps3 or xbox?   Go on... Which one do you have?   I have ammo to fire at both of them...   Besides,  go get a good game on wii. Wii sports isnt its best game...

    wow ps3 is the way to go all the way the only way

    Bloody Right !

    Cod world of war is Awesome on Wii !

    with xbox u sit down and Play with a controller

    With wii your part of the action.

    you just say that cause you dont have one XD