How to destroy Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 Internet connection using a Nintendo ds or ds lite.

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In this instructable I will be teaching you the easy way to lose internet connection to a xbox 360 be using wi-fi connection on a Ds. Someone has confirmed that it works for ps3 but i dont have a ps3 so im taking his word. Try using the same steps as the xbox but on a ps3. Recently, someone has tested wii but i believe it may not work all the time.

Step 1: Blueprints

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Connect to wi-fi on your ds with a game that has wi-fi game modes on it and you should see on the xbox that the connection has been lost or interupted. It works on both the new call of duty games (4 and World at war) so it should work on other games that has xbox live on it. It should say the same for ps3 but i dont have one. Wii im not sure what it says either.
leglessekr5 years ago
wii = lame
360 - god
PC > All
'Nuff said.
wii is the worst excuse for a consle I've ever seen everybody plays wii bowling for five hours and then never uses it again.
Hahaha that's what happened with mine...
The Fishfrog (author)  Gage9875 years ago
ps3 or xbox?   Go on... Which one do you have?   I have ammo to fire at both of them...   Besides,  go get a good game on wii. Wii sports isnt its best game...
wow ps3 is the way to go all the way the only way
Bloody Right !

Cod world of war is Awesome on Wii !

with xbox u sit down and Play with a controller

With wii your part of the action.
The Fishfrog (author)  stephenniall5 years ago
thank you! Exactly my point!

you just say that cause you dont have one XD

The Fishfrog (author)  leglessekr5 years ago
Wii = God and no  it isnt lame.  I most certainly agree with 360 being better than ps3 but i like my wii the best. So please, dont put down my favourite console...
 How can you call a console god when it can't even play DVDs without modding it?
The Fishfrog (author)  zchampine5 years ago
Thats what a dvd player is for...  besides   wii can still play dvds
taowyman3 years ago
i love my xbox and would never destroy it
techboy4113 years ago
Wii+DSi+XBox 360=PS3 Killer
noneedto3 years ago
i dont get your point of this INSTRUCTABLE yet?
mike!!!4 years ago
wii is also made by nintendo I will not consider it as an enemy.
turtlesrfun4 years ago
What I've learned from this instructable:
Never express your opinion on anything.
Sorry buddy, Wii just isn't good. The only real good games for the Wii are Nintendo games. Beyond that they are garbage. BTW you should be ashamed for buying COD: WAW for Wii, by far the most finicky game I have ever played.
The Fishfrog (author)  c ssgt seifer6 years ago
ok first dont say it isnt good cause how come there are more wiis in the world that there are xbox360s or ps3s? next ps3 is for people who cant afford to pay 4 xbox live and xbox is for nerds who play all day. cod waw on wii is sick you probebly cant even aim down your sight.
I have a rebuttal to your comment, but it keeps telling me, "Invalid formatting in the comment."
The Fishfrog (author)  c ssgt seifer5 years ago
rebuttal? never heard that word be4 try commenting on my orangeboard
A rebuttal is a  comment that coincides with your comment. An argument if you will.
The Fishfrog (author)  c ssgt seifer5 years ago
In other words you're like 7 years old. Never heard the word "rebuttal"? From the looks of this instructable, and your comments here, you're not even old enough to be on the internet!!!!!! Ha, only little kids think the Wii-Wii is the top "console".

Xbox 360 pwns wii.  I'm sorry but i'd rather be killing my Germans with more than 2 buttons.  Wii is great for 1st party games but anything 3rd party sucks.

The Fishfrog (author)  Tv19965 years ago
why with 2 button when u can kill them with your hand (btw   sniping is way better and harder on wii which makes itmore fun) and with the b button.  Annnnddddd    i play in a lobby of 4 people most of the time.
so what youre saying is that it sucks on the wii because it has a lack of lobbies with more than 3 other people?
The Fishfrog (author)  leglessekr5 years ago
Can i say this? Stop commenting on my Instructables please? Your so negative....  Go comment on a guy who likes Ps3....
The reason it is so hard to aim on the wii is because the motion sensing doesn't work correctly! It has nothing to do with the actual game design.
The Fishfrog (author)  c ssgt seifer5 years ago
And if its so hard to aim on wii then how come i got 150 headshots with my FG42?
That's because you do what we pro's call, "Spraying and praying." Listen, why don't  you use a weapon that takes more skill than a 5 year old can provide, than come talk to me. With an FG42 you can just shoot through a wall and get a headshot. BTW, 150 is puny.
The Fishfrog (author)  c ssgt seifer5 years ago
you think ur pro?   if uv got xbox360    ill take u on!   if u get beaten    ur no pro
I just recently sold my WAW and Modern warfare, but I'll play you in MW 2.
The Fishfrog (author)  c ssgt seifer5 years ago
Your on!    my xbox gametag is on my orange board
What's an orange board?
The Fishfrog (author)  c ssgt seifer5 years ago
if you click on my name which is in orange next to my picture, you will go to my orange board.  go to the bottom and comment
 as 4 u, i own a xbox, and i play it rarely. and i mean rarely as in every two weeks. i know im pretty steriotypical of the wii but id like it if you didnt just lump the people who just like to enjoy a game now and again with the nerds who play for days at a time.

And lol i like shooting guns and i agree- it IS more fulfilling to play cod waw on wii. i just wish it had as many features as the xbox or ps3. *sigh*

(and now bye bye for real :D)
The Fishfrog (author)  Weapon Maniac5 years ago
a compliment and a negative .   ok  well      thank you for your opinion and hope you enjoyed the instructable.
The Fishfrog (author)  thomaswatton5 years ago
No really i wasnt expecting that but hay good some1 has agrees!!!
The Fishfrog (author)  thomaswatton5 years ago
:D to you too my nintendo loving friend!
:P n i rated 5 strz ;)
The Fishfrog (author)  thomaswatton5 years ago
Thank you very much im gonna add something to this instructable soon
np n kwl!
 ROFLOL that is exactly why i got rid of my wii. I tell my friends the exact same thing when they cant decide which new console to get! I think that if the graphics were better and if the games were slightly longer (read: 2X LONGER) the system would be my favorite. people who design the wii games dont even use the motion sensor controls sometimes!!! EVEN NINTENDO! Look at smash bros. brawl or Mario galaxy. very limited use of motion controls. I wish that people would either turn the wii into an xbox knockoff or use the friggin remote! anyways ive ranted enough lol bye bye

MotoXrider5 years ago
PS3 is the best and will always be the best!!!
Well, I guess we all have different opinions. I think Xbox 360 rocks! 

  IIII      III
  IIII 0  IIII             <- Xbox 360! :D. LOL. Ring Of Light. 
did we just enter backwards world? : P
cody7774 years ago
every body who says they love there ps3 is lying they just dont want to admit they spent 300 dollars on a fancy dvd player
the psp ps2 and psone are ok
milleh20064 years ago
Trebor__244 years ago
Odd, I've tried this with my PS3 playing Warhawk, and I called in my friend with a 360 to play CODMW2, and another friend to get a Wii and DS with Mariokarts. We fumbled around for about an hour and it didn't work. All consoles were wireless.

My router, by the way, is a TrendNet 632BRP modified with DD-WRT with a 300MHz processor and 32MB of RAM. My internet connection speed is 10Mbits down, 1Mbit up. Maybe your router is just getting overloaded? Or your internet connection suffering?

While this didn't work, we had fun though trying to. Please post back with the make and model of your router and internet speed and I might be able to replicate the conditions and support this instructable, and possibly even give some insight how this works.
Correction: After checking my router's control panel, my router's CPU runs at 400MHz.
Entropy5125 years ago
I really find it hard to believe that this would work unless your router is a piece of junk.  So the more appropriate title might be "crash your router using a Nintendo DS".

For the people who had success with this:
Was the other box (PS3/Xbox/etc) wireless or wired?
What router were you using?  Model and (if possible) hardware revision.

I'm curious about this, but I've never had my Nintendo DS cause any connection interruptions with my router (Buffalo WHR-G54S running DD-WRT firmware).
The Fishfrog (author)  Entropy5125 years ago
Thanks...  Mines BT and no   it doesnt screw anything up exept the connection of the console
Nice work. Are you supporting Nintendo or disowning Microsoft? Can you tell that I'm a die-hard fanatic of Apple, Nintendo, and Sony? ;-)
Sony or apple, Do you blog in public places? do you enjoy have a 16 dollar coffee?
Nvm, I thought you were asking
Yeah, I actually use Sony audio devices to digitally master tapes on my MacBook. Sometimes if he lets me, I play my brother's PS2. As for Nintendo products, my collection includes almost everything from the original NES to the GameCube.
what about famicom
Sorry, man. Right now I don't have the kind of money to get a Famicom. Otherwise I'd have one by now. :-)
The Fishfrog (author)  Steamdnt6 years ago
How do u get pro next to ur name?
go pro, its on the front page
all it means is I'm a paying supporter of instructables
no you're not. There's no PRO icon next to your name.
I only bought one month of PRO ness, I dont have enought money for a prepaid visa
Me too. I am also a die hard fan of those
DB95 years ago
If u have cod5 on wii can u pm ur code so we can play online my screen name is ZEUS
The Fishfrog (author)  DB95 years ago
my code is on my orange board     click my name and its on the left hand side
CheatsIP55 years ago
Is There A Point To This?
The Fishfrog (author)  CheatsIP55 years ago
to the instructable or this step?
Ignore that

The point is to annoy ppl right?


This will come in handy lol
The Fishfrog (author)  CheatsIP55 years ago
yep   annoying people and its just to show how all 3 consoles can be beaten by a ds
Thats pretty cool.
Does the DS haft to be on the same network for this to work?
or does the wifi signal from it just generally cause havoc?
The Fishfrog (author)  CheatsIP55 years ago
has to be on the same network
The Fishfrog (author) 5 years ago
Rate plz guys! iv only got 5 ratings! and if u really like me subscribe! lol dont have to though!
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
Thanks guys!!! last Monday this instructable was on the front page!!! Need to put more pics in for u guys now!!
The Fishfrog (author)  The Fishfrog6 years ago
There we go! Images for the last 2 steps!
Matt214976 years ago
I am going to try this on my wii ill right back in a bit if it works
I does work with the wii i was playing mario kart wii wich has very good reception and never gets interupted but i was sitting there for 5 minutes waiting and finally it said signal interupted but the wierd thing is that it also interupted the signal on my call of duty 5 for ds wich i thought was odd aparently they where fighting it out over signals since they both use the same router and i ges that the ds's signal is stronger
The Fishfrog (author)  Matt214976 years ago
Thank for that. ill test it.
oh and it also interupts the ds link
The Fishfrog (author)  Matt214976 years ago
ty for this
I is supposed to be it and just to make sure u got it it can interfere with wii conection
The Fishfrog (author)  Matt214976 years ago
Look at the last page of my instructable. Your name is there to show you found it out.
Matt214976 years ago
my friend has a ps3 and is always playing moder warfare or world at war so the next time i go over there ill bring my ds and hook it up to his wifi and disrupt his matches Bwuahahahahahahahahaha
I loved nintendo, the wii came and broke my heart, i love my Xbox...
The Fishfrog (author)  corey_caffeine6 years ago
i love both but wii for me is the best
arduinoe6 years ago
if the right ports are "used" could this be done between 2 pc's over lan
arduinoe6 years ago
i think someones a Nintendo fan lol
Gamer Toro6 years ago
This also works on a PC with a wireless Internet card, now i know why my connection was taken down while i was playing online with Mario Kart on the DS.
The Fishfrog (author)  Gamer Toro6 years ago
Ooooh im gonna try that.
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
ill try that robots199, thanks!!!!
robots1996 years ago
Works with metroid prime hunters. Also to get really advanced, connect the xbox 360 to the same server as your computer. Then fire up portal on steam. It works perfectly!
ps3 rules supreme but the games are emence how could u say there rubbish
DIYDragon6 years ago
That's pretty funny.. I don't care for Xbox, but I am a PS3 fan. Reminds me of something me, and my cousin used to do to my Dad when he was playing PS2. We'd either get behind the TV and mess with the AV cables to make the picture blank out or use the PS2 DVD remote to control the game while he was playing. haha : P
antmanadam6 years ago
so why destroy
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
Nintendo 1 xbox360/ps3 0
Blue Yoshi6 years ago
Nice!!! I used it and it worked lol! Its great!
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
I know lol!
LOL!!!!!!!!!! YOUR BRO JUST GOT..........................OWND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUWND!!!!!!! hehe. im going to try it! rOcK On
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
Supporting nintendo
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
Its my brother who plays it and he brought it
This actually works, i didn't beleive it at first, as long as both consoles are connected to the same server it makes the xbox server lagg.
admin6 years ago
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