How to destroy Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 Internet connection using a Nintendo ds or ds lite.

Step 4: Thanks for viewing.

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As the title explains... and check my account for my guns. Thank you to Kulawend who tested it and said that it worked for the ps3. Thanks to Matt1497 for the test on wii.
taowyman3 years ago
i love my xbox and would never destroy it
techboy4113 years ago
Wii+DSi+XBox 360=PS3 Killer
noneedto3 years ago
i dont get your point of this INSTRUCTABLE yet?
MotoXrider5 years ago
PS3 is the best and will always be the best!!!
Well, I guess we all have different opinions. I think Xbox 360 rocks! 

  IIII      III
  IIII 0  IIII             <- Xbox 360! :D. LOL. Ring Of Light. 
did we just enter backwards world? : P
leglessekr5 years ago
wii = lame
360 - god
The Fishfrog (author)  leglessekr5 years ago
Wii = God and no  it isnt lame.  I most certainly agree with 360 being better than ps3 but i like my wii the best. So please, dont put down my favourite console...
CheatsIP55 years ago
Is There A Point To This?
The Fishfrog (author)  CheatsIP55 years ago
to the instructable or this step?
Ignore that

The point is to annoy ppl right?


This will come in handy lol
The Fishfrog (author)  CheatsIP55 years ago
yep   annoying people and its just to show how all 3 consoles can be beaten by a ds
Thats pretty cool.
Does the DS haft to be on the same network for this to work?
or does the wifi signal from it just generally cause havoc?
The Fishfrog (author)  CheatsIP55 years ago
has to be on the same network
Sorry buddy, Wii just isn't good. The only real good games for the Wii are Nintendo games. Beyond that they are garbage. BTW you should be ashamed for buying COD: WAW for Wii, by far the most finicky game I have ever played.
The Fishfrog (author)  c ssgt seifer5 years ago
ok first dont say it isnt good cause how come there are more wiis in the world that there are xbox360s or ps3s? next ps3 is for people who cant afford to pay 4 xbox live and xbox is for nerds who play all day. cod waw on wii is sick you probebly cant even aim down your sight.
 as 4 u, i own a xbox, and i play it rarely. and i mean rarely as in every two weeks. i know im pretty steriotypical of the wii but id like it if you didnt just lump the people who just like to enjoy a game now and again with the nerds who play for days at a time.

And lol i like shooting guns and i agree- it IS more fulfilling to play cod waw on wii. i just wish it had as many features as the xbox or ps3. *sigh*

(and now bye bye for real :D)
The Fishfrog (author)  Weapon Maniac5 years ago
a compliment and a negative .   ok  well      thank you for your opinion and hope you enjoyed the instructable.
 ROFLOL that is exactly why i got rid of my wii. I tell my friends the exact same thing when they cant decide which new console to get! I think that if the graphics were better and if the games were slightly longer (read: 2X LONGER) the system would be my favorite. people who design the wii games dont even use the motion sensor controls sometimes!!! EVEN NINTENDO! Look at smash bros. brawl or Mario galaxy. very limited use of motion controls. I wish that people would either turn the wii into an xbox knockoff or use the friggin remote! anyways ive ranted enough lol bye bye