How to Detail Strip and Clean a PC Fan


Introduction: How to Detail Strip and Clean a PC Fan

I just recently rebuilt an old computer. The new case had a couple of extra fan slots, so I took some fans from an old power supply... problem was that they were filthy.

I discovered that disassembling them for detailed cleaning was a snap. I had two, so I filmed the second one using my new overhead camera jig.



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     Don't know if anyone still reads this, but what type of grease did you use? and how often should you "change the oil" in it?

    I can't say nothing but WOW!
    Well, a few words more: thanks to this Instructable I feel pretty dumb now. I had a problem with a PC fan and I unmount it but I've never been brave enough to really disassemble it.
    Actually I never thought to remove the so-called "dust seal" (never seen that logo sticker as a "dust seal" actually) so I've never been able to notice the so-called "retaining washer".
    So, as I was saying, I feel pretty dumb thanks to this instructable, because cleaning a PC fan like this is really an EASY task to accomplish. At least my fan is twisting again as new! :-)
    Thanks, klee27x!

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    I'm glad I could help! "...but I've never been brave enough to really disassemble it." - Having old, broken, and/or redundant stuff is the best way to overcome that hurdle. For instance, it's amazing how much I have learned about DIY car repair now that I have a second mode of transportation. Before that, I was stuck handing over my wallet to the experts. :)

    Getting that retaining clip out is a pain and sometimes they break, I just stuff some grease in behind the rubber seal and it works its way in while spinning.

    Well, I suppose that's fine if it works for you. I wouldn't do it, because any water that gets inside the motor housing is going to stick around for a very, very long time. On a fan that is this dirty, relubing the bearing is also not a bad idea in and of itself.

    that's alot like changing your oil without changing the filter, yes, its easier, but it's going to cause problems in the long run.