How to develop a photo using blueprint paper and Windex

Develop blueprint paper using Windex.
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Step 1: Grab a container

Picture of Grab a container
Order some take-out and rip the lid of the styrofoam container.

Step 2: Fill with Windex

Picture of Fill with Windex
Pour adequate amount of Windex glass cleaner into container lid.

Step 3: Rack

Picture of Rack
Find something that you can set your paper on so it doesn't get wet but still absorbs the Windex fumes.

Step 4: Plastic bag

Picture of Plastic bag
Place inside plastic bag so the fumes are contained.

Step 5: Grab a print

Picture of Grab a print
Find a nice black and white photograph that you will use for the contact printing.

Step 6: Diazo paper

Picture of Diazo paper
You will need some blueprint diazo paper. I found mine on ebay for six dollars.

Step 7: Stack them

Picture of stack them
Place the blueprint paper sensitive side up on a flat surface. Then place the black and white photo face down.

Step 8: Sandwich

Picture of Sandwich
Sandwich with a piece of clear glass.

Step 9: Expose

Picture of Expose
Place in DIRECT sunlight for 4 to 5 minutes.

Step 10: Check paper

Picture of Check paper
After you have exposed for 4 to 5 minutes you should see some discoloration that resembles your image.

Step 11: Develop

Picture of Develop
Place paper sensitive side down on the rack in plastic sack for 5 minutes or more. Make sure to close the plastic bag so the fumes stay in.

Step 12: Done

Picture of Done
Enjoy your Windex print.