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In this "ible" I will attempt to show you how I dice an onion, although a small onion is used the steps are the same for a large onion, you just make more horizontal slices

Step 1: Peel and halve

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Hopefully you know or can figure out how to peel and halve an onion, thats the starting point
 Good instructable but I must disagree on your step about doing a horizontal cut. I say this because the layers of an onion negate the need for the horizontal cut as they are only about 4mm thick and easily fall apart anyway.. Best leave it out and save yourself a some time.
l8nite (author)  Building Books5 years ago
perhaps I need to buy metric onions then = )
 Without the horizontal cut the outter pieces will be longer and will need to be cut individually to match the smaller pieces. The inner pieces will as you say, pretty much naturally be cubed.

  Thank you for commenting
Mike__ l8nite5 years ago
 I have always used the horizontal cut. It makes the cubes even in size. I believe it is the proper technique for dicing and I have used it in every kitchen I have worked in. 
Hey I came here to say that! ;-)  I also skip the horizontal cut, it's superfluous.
rimar20005 years ago
This instructable has made me mourn...
Kiteman5 years ago
(Tears up own half-written Instructable)

Well done!

(I find the horizontal cuts are necessary, despite Skip's and TuA's comments.)
l8nite (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
lol @ Kiteman says:
(Tears up own half-written Instructable)
 I didn't start out to do an onion dicing "ible" but as I was orginizing the egg salad "ible" I realized I had 2 mini "ibles"  so I figured why not....

  Thank you for the comment  (and the laugh)