Step 12: Pep Talk to the heirs

Picture of Pep Talk to the heirs
Talking points for the kickoff of estate administration. This is best done early, (like the day after the memorial service) before any actions are taken by heirs.

As executor It's good to give a pep talk to the heirs to lay out some interests and goals of successful estate administration.

1) What Mom wanted most was that we all remain close as a functional family.
2) So administering the estate in a fair and constructive fashion is important and in keeping with her wishes. It preserves and enhances relationships in a time of stress.
3) Done right, we can use tackling this problem, as a bonding experience.
4) Done wrong, it will leave lingering animosity.
5) The will and estate documents allocate the estate in the following shares: x% to Betty and x% to Wilma....
6) Is everyone OK with that? (listen for the answers)
7) Mom worked hard to earn her money and we should respect that by administering the estate in a productive, low cost, efficient, low waste and timely manner that preserves the most for us heirs.
8) No one has a monopoly on good ideas. We should all be open to each others' suggestions as we proceed.