How to Divide Work on Knitting Machine





Introduction: How to Divide Work on Knitting Machine

When you are knitting a sweater, when you come to the neckline, you have to divide the work. In hand knitting you just do not work one of the part, in machine knitting it's a bit different., because you can't just "stop knitting there".

Step 1: Cast Off

Cast off the central part of the neckline. In the case in the photos, I did it with a different colour because those stitches will be picked up later to hand knit the hem (by my sister).

Step 2: Nylon Yarn

Using the nylon yarn (or another yarn, I prefer nylon yarn because it moves smoothly), do stitches by hand, pulling the needles as back as you can. This way the stitches on the nylon yarn will be not worked. Keep the nylon yarn out of the way of the carriage.

Step 3: Work First Part

Work first part as you do normally. Cast off.

Step 4: Nylon Yarn Off

Pull carefully the nylon yarn until the previous stitches are back on the needles and all the needles are in the working position. Go on working this part and cast off!

Note that you can do the left or the right part first, it depends on what you prefer, but I suggest to note which part you start with the carriage. If you start at right (as me) it will be better to start with the right part. If you start with the carriage to the left, start with the left. Doing otherwise, you risk to mess up with the unworked part. :)

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    Cool! I got to use a knitting machine at an internship I had a few years ago and it was really fun to use!

    Very interesting! I'm not familiar with machine knitting, so this was fun to read. Thanks!

    Thank you! Machine knitting is the only way I can knit! :)