Step 6: Actual picture of stretched artwork.

Here is the original lighter with the printed copy next to it.

Pretty amazing, huh...

Check some other pictures I did...
<p>Great instructable, thanks! For people who doesn't have access to Corel, it seems to be possible using Inkscape (free software). Here is a tutorial on a perspective tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMbIPleMiZ0</p>
<p>Great info, thanks! Glad you like my instructable!</p>
<p>I dont have Photoshop so i cant really do it but plz could you do it for me sorry for any inconviniance</p><p>A.S.A.P</p>
<p>Your gonna need a better photo with more contrast and higher resolution!</p>
<p>Is there a method for transforming a jpeg image into a anamorphic projection? I will be using the CS6 Adobe suite. </p>
Absolutely. It is what I used.... an older version of Adobe (CS), but it can be done.
<p>I am not familiar with Adobe, sorry...</p>
I recreated your graphs in Illustrator so I could use them in layers in photoshop. I used predrawn clipart for my first attempt, following your instructions. This is what I got... I'm totally stoked!
<p>Great idea! : )</p>
<p>Very cool ! Thanks for this tutorial :) </p>
<p>hi how can i get add perspective image to grid.sorry but i m new to coraldraw</p>
<p>you have to convert artwork to vectors, or the </p><p>ADD perspective effect would not work.</p>
<p>hey, your article was helpful for me, but i cant find anyone in google how to create this at 3 side like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT3cIugezcY, i mean how to creat at 3 side panel with photoshop? i really need to know about it :)</p>
<p>This is awesome. U have been of great help. thank u</p>
<p>Thank you for this tutorial, Do you know how can i do the image and make it look as it was coming out of the ground. I use illustrator and photoshop but i had not luck creating the effect yet.</p><p>Thanks for your help</p>
<p><a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/Greasetattoo/" rel="nofollow">Greasetattoo</a></p><p>hi my friend </p><p>i see you 3d ferrary machin . it is so perfect . please show me that how to do it. please my friend . my facebook : kaveh mahvar </p><p>my email: kavehmahvar@yahoo.com</p><p>tank you.</p>
<p>I can not. How do I make the vector, I have a grid that black and I have a object how do I connect to had the final perspective. PLS HELP !!!! or can someone please send a picture like this already done in th Perspective with Ferrari FXX Evoluzione</p>
<p>Hope it works!</p>
<p>thank you so much :)</p>
<p>super </p>
<p>super </p>
<p>super </p>
<p>Be fun to do this on the sidewalk outside your neighborhood pub - and shoot video as the patrons come out.</p>
This is really cool! Thanks for sharing it. Great work! I am going to try this out.
I love your drawings. Your drawings are just what I was searching for. How can you make them look so realistic and 3 dimensional.
Thank you..Glad you found the instructable!
I'm new to CorelDRAW and I'm using version x6. Could you help me out a little bit on the very first step. I drew my grid, but I am not able to go to &quot;effects&quot; and choose add perspective, as it is greyed out and not available, even after clicking on and selecting my first grid? Any suggestions?
Never mind, got it, thanks!
GREAT! <br>You have to convert your image to vectors, <br>then it should work. <br>Please post your results! <br>thanks
Yes, we can print out your designs, please see some samples at http://www.flickr.com/photos/yejun3d/. <br>We'd be happy to discuss the opportunity with you at your convenience. <br> <br>Ye Jun <br>info@sinyim.com
These are awesome! Could I use this technique to print a word on a smaller sheet of paper and then blow it up to make it fit in a 22&quot; x 55&quot; horizontal rectangle? Would it still have this effect? Thanks
Sure...Just take a picture of the smaller one, to make sure all the proportions are right. Then bring the file to a large size printer and have him print you a floor sticker! I've seen it done! Good Luck! <br> <br>Make sure and check out my other instructables!
I do not have any vector programs so.....how do I draw the grid? How big do I make the squares? Then how do I change the perspective of the black grid? I really want to understand how yo draw a pavement chalk drawing but seem to have zero artistic genes.
Well, get out the ole pencil and paper. <br>A ruler would help too! <br>That's how I started with my prototypes... <br>Good luck!
i dont understand the gird part ... and question .. what if the lighter was bigger than the black grid ?? :/
Then you shrink the lighter.
WOWWWWWWWWWW I knew you were an artist! You're amazing. I had been trying to draw a 3d illusion picture like these in the past. This is way better! If time permits - I'm doing this over the summer!
Thanks for the kind words, Holly! <br>Post a picture! <br>Make sure and check out my other 3D drawing tutorial!
ty for the grid idea, I feel so dumb now. Will give it a shot in smaller scale and will post a pic here.
I love it!! very funny!
very very cool. Thanks for posting!
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!
heyy its an amazing technique..but plzz let me knw how can we do the cubical or finger pointing on paper...one paper is base and the other perpendicular...is there some other technique for dat..
wow so nice
Thank youuu soooooooooooooo much. All day I have been think about that and with your technic I can create an advertisement object for mouse pad for my client.. Very very thanksss :)
I looked at the first picture and my first thought was &quot;why doesn't this picture show an example, its just a picture of two lighters?&quot; <br>I had to really look at it before my brain would accept that one was printed on the paper. <br>Very nice work!
Thank you..

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