This set of instructions will properly take you through step by step and show you how to replace a rusted out panel on your car or truck.  

This is just basic bodywork being performed here, following these instructions will enable you to fix minor/major imperfections on your vehicle.

 Although this procedure is done on a specific vehicle, it’s basically the same for all others.


This process is heavily tool involved (welding, cutting, drilling ext.), so only those who are comfortable with working with these tools are recommended to attempt this procedure. Serious injuries or death could result. 

There is a high risk of injury possible when attempting to complete this work.

Certain safety precautions must be taken in order to complete this safely and correctly. 

All actions that need be taken will be addressed in these directions.

Step 1: Gather Tools Needed/Recommended

1.       Replacement panels (for whichever panel you are replacing)
2.       Acetylene Torch’s
3.       Flint Striker
4.       Safety gloves
5.       Angle Grinder (with grinding wheel and cut off wheel)
6.       Rivet gun
7.       Rivets (3/16th in size)
8.       Ac/Dc welder
9.       Welding rods (6013# in size)
10.   Tack hammer
11.   Electric Drill ( w/ key chuck)
12.   Drill bits (3/16th)
13.   Air compressor (Capable of 150 psi)
14.   Pneumatic bar air sander  
15.   Pneumatic circular air sander
16.   Hand block sander
17.   Various grit sandpapers for each sander (ranging from 36 grit to 1600 grit)
18.   Tack cloth
19.   General use body filler with reactor
20.   Wood paint stirrer
21.   Plastic applicator
22.   Clean surface to mix body filler on
23.   Screw driver (standard)
24.   Tin snips
25.   Chalk, sharpie or pencil
26.   Tape measure
27. extension cord
it helps that the car i want to do body work is the same car as the one in the instructable!
 Is that a El Camino ? Looks nice

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