Step 5: 2 man CPR.

Picture of 2 man CPR.
2 man CPR is the same except for some minor differences. It is a lot easier on the rescuers because it is a tiring job.

Step 1.

Do the CPR compression routine as normal but for children and infants you move from 30 compressions down to 15. For infants you will change to the bottom instead of the side and press with your thumbs and hold around the sides.

The first man will do compressions then the second will do breaths right after.

Step 2.

After 2 minutes go by or the person giving compressions is too tired they will switch. The compressor will do his 14th or 29th compression and say change as he does his last. The person breathing will do his breaths then change and do compressions. This evens the work and gives people a time to rest. Make sure the person does his breath before he changes.

Remember once an AED arrives stop and use the AED. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-use-an-AED/