This instructable will teach you how to do a basic freeze. Show it to your friends and they'll be amazed! Let's get started then.

i also made a random video of me dancing if you want to see it, wich i took with my eyetoy. (thanks jamnoopers.)

this is not completely finished yet because i can't find the right pictures, but it will soon.
and here's a video of me dancing

Step 1: Starting Out

start out on the tips of your toes. Not very hard.
how do you get a movie from eyetoy to pc? p.s show how to get into it and out of it, it's cool if you can do a freeze but it looks so much better in a routine, instead of bending down and doing it and then getting up normally.
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/His-Dark-Materials/?ALLSTEPS">This</a> instructable might help.<br/>
HA this is nice,I might have to try this
thanks. it's really fun.
Yah I di it today and all my bro did was fall down HA!
haha. fun
yah,and I see you are a fan of LOLCAT
of course i am. REALLY funny pictures. I LOVE IT!
yah hey go <a rel="nofollow" href="http://icanhascheezburger.com/">Here</a> if you are a fan and if you already went there then you are obsessed!<br/>
ya, i've already gone there multiple times. Caturday night fever.
yah I love the site and I have had an account forever!!
i don't need an account. i can still look at the pictures even without an account.
I know,I was just saying
UH! you stole my fave word:<br/><em><strong>coolio</strong></em><br/>
i didn't steal cuz it don't belong to you. besides, i can say it if i want.
yah but the word,<em><strong>coolio</strong></em>,deserves <br/>an italic and a bold!nvrmind....<br/>
very very true. sorry for my idioicy.
yes,that is the awesomeness of <em><strong>COOLIO</strong></em><br/>
also I think that maybe names need an<br/>italic and a bold:<br/><br/><em><strong>thebboy</strong></em><br/><br/>like that<sup></sup><sup></sup><br/>
uh, maybe not.
i don't know, just doesn't seem to work out like that.
why?I mean a name is as important as a word,right?
ok, fine, you win. yup
ya. alright, end of discussion
what a tool
uh, sure. thanks, i guess.
Its a turtle freeze not a freeze .
-.-;...dude that's not a turtle freeze...do you even noe what turtle/float is?
no man, thats totally,.... a child freeze or the gorilla baby freeze actually, it might be the leprechaun switch freeze with a double end twist of vendetta freeze of babies piled on frozen cheese. :P
haha, lol.
it looks more like an air baby...
dude what have u been smocin, thats not an air baby!
all freezes have tons of names. this is the general terminology i use for that freeze
woah Casey, i've never seen you use such big words before
i have a very articulated vocabulary, but i'm too busy having fun with life to actually use it. the only time i do use it is when i write
you just looked around in a dictionary until you found big, complex words, didn't you?
no, i really didn't. the only word i looked up to sound smart was polytetrafluorothylene and that's spelled correctly
ya, zach's back to being yourself. (you were different in a weird over the last week)
i don't know, you just were different
Different how!?!?!
i don't know, just different. i guess you talked less

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