This instructable will teach you how to do a basic freeze. Show it to your friends and they'll be amazed! Let's get started then.

i also made a random video of me dancing if you want to see it, wich i took with my eyetoy. (thanks jamnoopers.)

this is not completely finished yet because i can't find the right pictures, but it will soon.
and here's a video of me dancing

Step 1: Starting Out

start out on the tips of your toes. Not very hard.

Step 2: Positioning Yourself

Your right elbow will be supporting you. jab that into your side. your left elbow will support your leg(s). put your arms into that position.

Step 3: Just Lean Over!

Lean over. This will really hurt the first time, but keep trying and you'll get it soon enough. Practice people! or just watch the video.
how do you get a movie from eyetoy to pc? p.s show how to get into it and out of it, it's cool if you can do a freeze but it looks so much better in a routine, instead of bending down and doing it and then getting up normally.
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/His-Dark-Materials/?ALLSTEPS">This</a> instructable might help.<br/>
HA this is nice,I might have to try this
thanks. it's really fun.
Yah I di it today and all my bro did was fall down HA!
haha. fun
yah,and I see you are a fan of LOLCAT
of course i am. REALLY funny pictures. I LOVE IT!
yah hey go <a rel="nofollow" href="http://icanhascheezburger.com/">Here</a> if you are a fan and if you already went there then you are obsessed!<br/>
ya, i've already gone there multiple times. Caturday night fever.
yah I love the site and I have had an account forever!!
i don't need an account. i can still look at the pictures even without an account.
I know,I was just saying
UH! you stole my fave word:<br/><em><strong>coolio</strong></em><br/>
i didn't steal cuz it don't belong to you. besides, i can say it if i want.
yah but the word,<em><strong>coolio</strong></em>,deserves <br/>an italic and a bold!nvrmind....<br/>
very very true. sorry for my idioicy.
yes,that is the awesomeness of <em><strong>COOLIO</strong></em><br/>
also I think that maybe names need an<br/>italic and a bold:<br/><br/><em><strong>thebboy</strong></em><br/><br/>like that<sup></sup><sup></sup><br/>
uh, maybe not.
i don't know, just doesn't seem to work out like that.
why?I mean a name is as important as a word,right?
ok, fine, you win. yup
ya. alright, end of discussion
what a tool
uh, sure. thanks, i guess.
Its a turtle freeze not a freeze .
-.-;...dude that's not a turtle freeze...do you even noe what turtle/float is?
no man, thats totally,.... a child freeze or the gorilla baby freeze actually, it might be the leprechaun switch freeze with a double end twist of vendetta freeze of babies piled on frozen cheese. :P
haha, lol.
it looks more like an air baby...
dude what have u been smocin, thats not an air baby!
all freezes have tons of names. this is the general terminology i use for that freeze
woah Casey, i've never seen you use such big words before
i have a very articulated vocabulary, but i'm too busy having fun with life to actually use it. the only time i do use it is when i write
you just looked around in a dictionary until you found big, complex words, didn't you?
no, i really didn't. the only word i looked up to sound smart was polytetrafluorothylene and that's spelled correctly
ya, zach's back to being yourself. (you were different in a weird over the last week)
i don't know, you just were different
Different how!?!?!
i don't know, just different. i guess you talked less

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