How to Do a Basic Freeze





Introduction: How to Do a Basic Freeze

About: I'm 14 years old, 'm a guy, i'm pretty awesome most of the time, and i really like dancing. Boogaloo, krumping, breakdancing (i call it breaking) and hyphy (my favorite, wich i'm really good at.) to be more...
This instructable will teach you how to do a basic freeze. Show it to your friends and they'll be amazed! Let's get started then.

i also made a random video of me dancing if you want to see it, wich i took with my eyetoy. (thanks jamnoopers.)

this is not completely finished yet because i can't find the right pictures, but it will soon.
and here's a video of me dancing

Step 1: Starting Out

start out on the tips of your toes. Not very hard.

Step 2: Positioning Yourself

Your right elbow will be supporting you. jab that into your side. your left elbow will support your leg(s). put your arms into that position.

Step 3: Just Lean Over!

Lean over. This will really hurt the first time, but keep trying and you'll get it soon enough. Practice people! or just watch the video.



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    how do you get a movie from eyetoy to pc? p.s show how to get into it and out of it, it's cool if you can do a freeze but it looks so much better in a routine, instead of bending down and doing it and then getting up normally.

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    thanks. it's really fun.

    Yah I di it today and all my bro did was fall down HA!

    yah,and I see you are a fan of LOLCAT

    of course i am. REALLY funny pictures. I LOVE IT!

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