Introduction: How to Do a Heartbreak Shot(Boxing/Striking)

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For this you will need a Partner or a mirror to practice.

Step 1: Getting in the Orthodox Stance

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The orthodox is where you're leading with your left foot and your right foot is in the back.

Step 2: Put Up Your Guard

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Lets go with the textbook guard. Place both hands (already in fist) near your chin, with your chin slightly tucked in.

Step 3: Know Where to Aim

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The heart is what you are aiming at. It will be on the left side of there torso, close to the middle of the chest.

Step 4: Make Sure You Have a Good Chance of Hitting

This is more of awareness. Make sure, if you are using a partner, that they are not blocking, as punching an elbow can lead to a broken hand.

Step 5: Strike!!

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Punch your target or the reflection where the heart would be with a right straight. Do not actually punch the mirror


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