You've learned how to do a ladder braid and you love it, but you are ready to spice it up. This hairstyle tutorial will show you how to take that ladder braid and pin it up in an adorable bun!

Hair style was done by Sharelle Loudd at Beautique Salon in San Jose, CA. She was awesome enough to demonstrate this technique while we documented the process. Any mistakes are ours.

Beautiful photography by audreyobscura!

Step 1: Do the Ladder Braid

First do the Ladder Braid. We have a handy tutorial all ready for you!

Fun little Gif refresher:

ladder braid gif

<p>That's really nice!! :)</p><p> Could recommend me some bun for a long haired man? :D I'm looking for something, that is easy and quick to make and will last for a long time. Some of my teachers doesn't like guys with long hair :/</p>
<p>It's so pretty! </p>
<p>Thank you :)</p>
playing with hair is fun! especially long, thick, red hair. coming from a fellow red head ; )
<p>If only I was a real red head. I envy you naturals!</p>
<p>I love this! So elegant!!</p>
<p>Thank you :)</p>
<p>One would think that you spend all of your time playing with your hair! </p><p> (I'm teasing) </p>
<p>I see what you did there! But I do play with my hair all the time :)</p>
<p>Thank you :)</p>

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