Step 5: May

May: Think SPRING! We took Sabrina, stuck a vintage floral dress on her, put an oversized flower in her hair, and gave her a basket full of tulips. And look what loveliness happened… Also, I think flying a kite would look ADORABLE or chasing butterflies…there are so many ways you could work it.
Greats ideas! Thanks for sharing:)
fun and unique!! :)
cute idea's
you photos is very great
Very creative... I like it very much :)
Very Nicely Done. <br>Looks a bit like 1940~1950 Classic Pin Up like the GIs' hung up, and somewhat like the aircraft art that went on bombers! <br>msero &amp; rnewberry really need to develop some CLASS. <br>
And where's exactly the &quot;instructable&quot;?
Huh. Don't know what pin-ups *you've* been looking at.
Maybe these pictures are not as Riskee as Elvgren but I am sure the ladies want to save those for their men. It was a great tutorial though,
what or who is Elvgren ?
He is an amazing pin-up artist dating back from 1937. I would consider him the most famous of the artist depicting the early centuries pin-ups. His work is amazing!<br><br>http://www.gilelvgren.com/GE/
Do you think this would work well as an outside shoot? Or would it be best to stick to inside so the light can be diffused?
Oh. What. FUN!
beautiful pics and excellent idea.....
I totally did something like that for my boyfriend for a Valentines gift. Here are some samples... http://nimbidesign.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/pin-up-style-photo-shootperfect-valentines-gift/<br><br>I love pin-ups, and have a calendar from a pinup painter artist, and these remind me of his work, and now i totally want to do a calendar!! thanks for the tutorial!!
Wow, that July picture is just...WOW. O_O <br> <br>I think I'm in love.
I feel like I just went to a model photo course. Much better than a book. I have done B&amp;W and have my own dark room. I feel inspired to get it going again. I feel you get a more honest print doing it old school, but digital is instant gratification, waiting to afford a full frame sensor camera. Great instructable, this is what it's all about.
That is awesome, I wish you lived near Houston! I do not know any friend who would help me do this.
I DO happen to live near Houston actually! :) In the Cypress area. If you are interested in doing a pin-up shoot with some friends, you can visit my photography site www.caterawsonphotography.blogspot.com and see more of my work along with my pricing and contact info. I'm so glad you liked the tutorial! Thanks everyone for such sweet comments! So motivating for me to keep posting! I'll be sure to answer y'alls questions asap. :)
Very COOL!!
I havee a photo group. There is another photo group belong to as well. Everyone thinks they need a photo studio to do pin-ups. And professional models for the shoots. In one video you have covered what I have explained to members of the group! Stupendous! Thank-you. And ignore the compliants and other comments. These are excellent!
Just after watching it looked like a lot of fun and photos were just great .<br><br>can i ask what sort of lens it ws you had on your body ?
Avoid cross-legged pose for Pin-up
5*s, you've got some awesome skill with that camera!
Next you need to show us how you turned modern digital images into vintage-looking snaps.
Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing.
It was great! I agree, I'd love to watch how you made them even more vintage!....heading over to picnik now! Thank you!<br>

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