Step 9: You're in a Headstand!

You're in a headstand!

Maybe you're not, but remember it takes practice and patience - so keep at it!

But if you are, congratulations(!) and a few things to remember:


Push down through your arms to create space between shoulders and ears. This will also take tension off your neck.

Aim to be inverted for a minimum of 15-30 seconds, and as your strength and confidence increases, so will the amount of time you will able to stay upside down.

Practice coming out of the headstand with control (don't just fall over or plop down), coming down is just as important as going up.
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This is exactly how I do headstands as well.<br /> <br /> If you've never done this before, here's what I'd recommend in addition:<br /> <br /> <strong>Get a friend to spot you</strong> - Your idea of how straight you are is probably wrong at first. Being afraid to fall over backwards is common and keeps many people from being even close to being straight.<br /> <br /> <strong>Be OK with falling over</strong>&nbsp;- Practice going too far and falling over. It's good to have a plan for this to cut down on the fear. If you can do a bridge, drop into a bridge. If you can go into a roll, do that. If neither, plop some cushions down to crash into. And then work on your bridge.<br /> <br /> <strong>It will hurt less as you do it more</strong> - The top of your head will likely hurt at first. That will go away. Over a few sessions I went from needing a wool cap to being able to headstand on plywood w/o a problem.<br /> <br /> <b>Stand up straight</b> - Stand with your back against a wall to find good alignment. Remember this when you're upside down and visualize pushing your feet down onto the &quot;ground&quot; instead of up in the air.
Yes! These are totally right on - especially being OK with falling over, cutting out the fear factor is key to improving your practice.
i am always practicing these and i can tell you that i always skip the shirt tucking step! <br />
Great instruction! I've always wanted to do this but I've had no success. I think I'll have to try again. :D

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