My teaching how to do a back flip

Step 1: Step One

Find a safe spot

Step 2: Step Two

Make sure no one is around or in your way

Step 3: Step Three

stand up

Step 4: Step Four

bend your knees

Step 5: Step Five

jump up as high as you can

Step 6: Step Six

throw your arms up to the sky

Step 7: Step Seven

throw your head back

Step 8: Step Eight

pull your legs into A ball

Step 9: Step Nine

force your body back

Step 10: Step Ten

hold your body in ball as you fly back.

Step 11: Step Eleven

once you have gone around in 3/4 of a circle, start to untuck your legs

Step 12: Step Twelve

land on both feet.
haha not very detailed
Seems easy enough... Attempts flip... Breaks neck

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