Picture of How to do a bunnyhop on a bike
It took me ages to learn how to bunnyhop. I tried asking my friends, using guides, and I ended up learning using almost nothing of what they said. Most guides I've seen (and how my friends described it) say something like 'lift your front wheel up, then lift your back wheel up to level your bike'. I could easily lift my front wheel up, but what I couldn't understand is how people lift their back wheel up. I've seen quite a few people on Yahoo Answers and other forums with the same problem, so I decided to make this instructable.
Just to clear up any confusion over what a bunnyhop is: A bunnyhop is when you lift both wheels more or less at once (what is taught in this instructable). In some videos people do what is actually called a mountain top, where you lift up the front wheel, then push off from it, and call it a bunnyhop. (Thanks Aron313 for correcting me)

The photos aren't of me, I wish I could hop that high... I don't really think that photos show much anyway, they just confused me even more when I was learning.  
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Step 1: Lifting the front wheel

Picture of Lifting the front wheel
If you can't already lift your front wheel comfortably, now is the time to learn - its pretty easy. If you already know how to then skip to the next step.

Pull up on the handlebars, and right before you do put your weight backwards. The front wheel should come off the ground for a bit. Your elbows should bend a bit aswell.

If you can't lift your handlebars up, then you aren't using your weight properly. Lean back more when you pull up on the handlebars.
isaacwilk (author) 1 year ago
Ok, some of you disagree about what this is called (English bunnyhop, American bunnyhop, Mountain top...). I've never heard of any of these in real life, only small bunnyhops (both wheels at the same time) and large bunnyhops (lean back, pull up front, lean forward while bringing up your back wheel), like what most of the guys in the photos are doing.

I don't really care what you want to call it, the point is that you are lifting both wheels off the ground to clear an obstacle, or boost off a jump. Once you get used to it, you can muck around with your timing to try and get higher and higher.
Fellas this is not bunny hopping, bunny hopping is where both tires leave the ground at the same time. What your doing is called a mountain top.
Thanks for making this. The problem I had was getting the back wheel up. This helps a whole lot for me.
Well done, the explanation about how to lift the back tyre it's pretty clear, but personally I have some problems with the timing, I wait too much after lifting the front tyre, what would you recommend? Perhaps some tips that you could give me.
soldeir 92 years ago
as aron313 said, this isnt a bunny hop but its a good instructible for wheelies and "hopping from weelies"? anyway, i gave it 3*
isaacwilk (author)  soldeir 92 years ago
Thanks for the rating! Actually I have corrected myself in the first paragraph.
oo ok lol i bumped it up to 4* then
Aron3132 years ago
No!!!!!!! Bunny hop is when both wheels leave the ground at the same time. Mountian top is where front goes up first then the back. Good instructable tho. Check out a video of me and my friend mountain biking! :D

And yes im not using my mtb im using a gravity/freeride bike thats meant for jumping.
isaacwilk (author)  Aron3132 years ago
Thanks for correcting me! I just got told that by one of my friends, I wasn't really sure. I'll edit the info in the instructable.

Nah, I just looked up 'bunnyhop' on Google images and stuck the first four photos that came up onto this instructable. Couldn't be bothered doing photos of each step, I don't think you really need them anyway.
Thanks. I really hate when people get it wrong. I hear it all the time.
Aron3132 years ago
Is that you? Nice hop!