Introduction: How to Do a Force Calibration on a CombiTouch

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This guide is showing how to do a force calibration on an Alto-Shaam CombiTouch oven.  If the screen is not responding to the touch or is activating another icon than the one you are touching simply follow these instructions.  If the problem still persists give Alto-Shaam Tech Team Service a call at 800-558-8744.

Step 1:

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If the control is on, press the off button.

Step 2:

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Once the control and oven are turned off, press the on button.

Step 3:

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When the loading screen appears just press the off button, do not hold down the off button.

Step 4:

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After the control is done loading, this screenshot should appear.  Touch the green check mark to enter the calibration screen.

Step 5:

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A white screen with a cross in the bottom left corner will appear.  Touch and follow the cross for a total of 5 times.

Step 6:

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After the fifth cross is touched the recipe menu screen will appear.  Now turn the control off and then back on.  This needs to be done to save the calibration.


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