Introduction: How to Do a Little Pig Pillow

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  Need a little piggy pillow while you watching TV? Then made it by yourself. It is very easy,.

Step 1:

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First, you need to create a piggy shape cloth.. make sure the shape fits your material..

Step 2:

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And the bottom part.. make sure to fit the top.

Step 3:

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The ears :)

Step 4:

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Also a little cloth for the tail..

Step 5:

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Ready to put them together? Let's do it,

Step 6:

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Cut the edges.

Step 7:

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Then tie a not on your little tail.

Step 8:

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Put everything together.

Step 9:

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You should get this,

Step 10:

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Fill the little pig with cotton, Make it look like a pillow.

Step 11:

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You can draw eyes and anything you want to add on there, Have fun :)


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