Gather supplies :
Safety Pin (optional)
Paper Clip / Clip board
measured cord / string
flat surface

Step 1: How to Make a Macrame Knot

Step #1 : Now that you have your supplies that you need , in my instructable I will be using pink and blue braiding cord . Take the two cords/ strings that you chose , fold them in half , and tie a overhand knot , which you'll now have a loop . Now take the loop and tape or clip it to a flat surface , such as a clip board , counter , desk , or whatever kind of workstation you have , and separate the strings , into four sections , with the longest ones on the outside and the shortest ones in the middle .  In my instructable it will be the pink on the left and blue on the right .
<p>Thank you for the tutorial. My question for you: how do I know how much cord to measure for, say, a 18&quot; finished necklace or 6&quot; finished bracelet? I appreciate any info you give on that. Thanks, again.</p>
This is a little confusing, but I really like it

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