Step 5: The Ending

 Well if you have followed these steps then you should be done and all you have to do is try it I got my little bros to try it for me though. Like I said in the title this is a TEMP job it should only last for a couple months. My little bros watergun has been fixed in this manner for about 2 months. Have fun!
great quick fix! i hate it when water guns break, especially when youre camping, and theres no store to buy a new one. thanks for the tip!
no prob it last a pretty long time too my neighbor broke his and that fix has lasted him all summer
Nice work!!!!!!!!! My watergun broke last summer, so maybe I can fix it if they didn't get rid of it yet.
 lol thanks
 did it make sense i kinda wrote it in a hurry
yeah, it came out fine.
As simple as that? I like it, you'd think that someone could put a bit more thought into designing them right in the first place...<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;i know nowadays they are so weak and not constructed very wisley

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