Step 6: Work With a Partner

Working with a partner is a great way to get things done. What I mean is to work by your self but constantly compare your work to your partners work. If your work is less then you will work even harder to get ahead, even for a short while. For example my friend and I had a big programming summative assignment just recently. My friend fought each other to have a better summative every step of the way until the very end. Thus working against a partner is a great strategy to complete work quickly unless it starts to become personal or there is sabotage.
Amen brother, I'm 100% empathetic to you having trouble with school I had ADD too but as the years went on it only got worse, now I have ADHD, and as for the learning disability I have Aspebergers syndrome which is to say for non-immature people a mild form of autism, think about it this way, it makes you slightly smarter but makes you socially awkward and feel like you have a hangover all day every day.
Well done. This is very helpful and just the motivation I needed.
the fun fact about this picture is that brown is not the brown one <br> <br>[Troll OFF] <br> <br>THAT'S RACIST !
Very Nice instructable
ugh i have add am depresed and am disgraphic and with you on writing a lot good job with the writing
i don't like doing homework :(<br />
&nbsp;Me neither :P
Well who does? Tell me.<br />
&nbsp;It depends for me. Essay's good enough, but research...
everyone<br /> <br />
cross dat out. no one

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