How to do recycled notepads from old paper sheets

Picture of How to do recycled notepads from old paper sheets
This idea is quite simple, I like it because it's "green".

You can find the Italian version here: http://fabuland.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/tutorial-come-creare-blocchetti-per-appunti-riciclati/

Do you remeber of the sheets you have used only on one side? Do you remeber those ugly photocopies that that bad machine won't make clear and well done for you? Don't throw them away! Give them another life. Save trees.

paper sheets used onnly on one side
vinyl glue (or white glue)
clothes pins
an old magazine
something heavy
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Step 1: Preparing the sheets

Picture of Preparing the sheets
Take the paper sheets and cut them in four. You can cut with scissors or cutters, or just tear them apart. They doesn't need to be accurate.

To measure, you simple flod twice the paper.

Keep the straight sides and the written sides all on the same part.

Step 2: Doing the stack

Picture of Doing the stack
Do a stack of more or less 50 pieces and keep them together with two clothespins.

I suggest not to use more than 50 pieces for two reason:

1) clothespins won't keep much more sheets;

2) when you write on the stack, if it's too high you'll have difficulty in writing on it, most of all if you're left handed.

You of course acn use anything else instead of clothespins. I once just put the stack between my desk and a heavy book.

Step 3: Gluing the side

Picture of Gluing the side
Put some (very little) glue on one of the two straight side, using a brush. Take care of cleaning the brush very well after using it with the glue.

You don't need to put the glue on all the side, it's enough if you put it in the center, more or less for 6-7 cm.

Use a bursh so the glue will enter the spaces between the sheets.
PinchOfChili10 months ago

Great idea! I have been thinking if it was possible to do something like this, but I didn't know how to glue the sheets together!

Ez-Kabob3 years ago
Oooh! I always wondered how you can attach papers with a rubbery edge like that! I'm going to try this!