Hey guys, this is my instructable on how to do your shoelaces- bar style. Bar style Is a lacing method that makes your shoes look cool, and if your tongue keeps sliding off to the side, this keeps your tongue centered.........

List of cons (this comes from experience):
  • they are messy under the tongue
  • they dont work well if the tongue have elastic tongue-centering straps
  • will not fly on lug lace holes
  • They dont look good on athletic shoes

Step 1: The Bottom

To work on the bottom, first make a bar below as shown in picture 1. Then lace an uneven cross below the tongue as shown in picture 2. Bring the laces up over in a bar style as shown in picture 3.
Thanks Man, this was really helpful. Like the shoes too.
I must admit, it looks a lot better on those kind of shoes, but they don't look <strong><em>that</em></strong> bad on athletic shoes.
what types of vans are these?
Time to celebrate: <br />
List of cons (this comes from experience):<br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>they are messy under the tongue (untrue if you do it my way)</li><li>they dont work well if the tongue have elastic tongue-centering straps (untrue mine have that, that I use)</li><li>will not fly on lug lace holes (idk)</li><li>They dont look good on athletic shoes (idk)</li></ul>
i can't do it post better pics
go here<a href="http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straightbarlacing.htm">www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straightbarlacing.htm</a><br />
Look at the diagram on step 3. &nbsp;All diagonal lacing should go under the tongue.<br />
I didn't make this....
i was talking to dj radio duh
Then why reply to my comment. DUH!
<ul class="curly"><li>they are messy under the tongue- There are other ways to bar-lace shoes, this method centers the tongue</li><li>they dont work well if the tongue has elastic tongue-centering straps- Well, I never said its impossible, but it is more difficult, as the tongue-centering straps get in the way</li><li>will not fly on lug lace holes- lug lace holes are vertical, thus making the bars uneven....</li><li>they dont look good on athletic shoes- well, thats just my opinion, you may think the opposite...</li> <br/></ul>
Mine centers the tounge. I think it's easier to do with the straps.
yeah, but what if your shoes dont have straps?
I have my other shoes that don't have straps
i just got a new pair of skate shoes today (osiris) so i might as well give it a try...
Get nikes next time. They last forever. No seriously, I've had a pair of nikes for a year and a half, and they have nearly no wear and tear despite the fact that I use them for skating.
a year ago i did this too, but then i did vertical bars throgh the horizontal.<br/>maybe i should post a photo how it looks like?<br/>(on nike air max it looks awesome=]]]])<br/>
Lol, I have these special nikes that look tight, but they aren't 6.0 or the extremely common Air Force one models. They arent the crappy tennis shoes they make either. I was like WHAT THE? when I realized I have had the shoes for a year, and they almost look like they are new.
nice i alway get my shoes totally dead after 6 months =/ <br/>thwn i need to wait 2 months and i get new air max =D<br/>
you dont need to place anything under the tongue
i blocked my air max's by myself and i dont like the shoelaces under the tongue too.<br/>so i did it on my own way and its almost the same like urs.<br/>but then i got the blocking ends and then your way doesnt work then=P<br/>
I did it your way; worked like a charm.
I find that method not as good as mine. it can loosen easier.
:O i have vans too ! it looks amazing !
you forgot to add you tie a not that doesnt come out on the one side
I didnt know you were supposed to do that.
they make my airwalks look really cool thanks
get another pair. airwalks suck.
I got dem fr3sh k1ck5 @5 we11. 1337 sp3@k d@wg. P3@(3 0ut.
101, p3@(3 /\/\@|\|!
1337 15 0\/3r-r@t3|). Just type normally. And, 4/5, looks great, easy, and well-written.
I ride to the mall in my Vans™
ok ok, fine, i admit this is pretty nice... 5stars...
really helpful fav and sub
but unfortunately, my old vans don't fit me anymore =-(<br/>
ah well.
cool, i learned this from the book were those pictures came from.
I have these exact shoes :P nice job
&#9835;<em>Frylock and I'm on top...</em><br/>
Thanx. rate?
sweet look 4-5 stars
Cool, 3.5 stars.
thanx man......
I've always wondered how to do that. Nice job!

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