How to Do Simple Paint Job for Airsoft Guns.





Introduction: How to Do Simple Paint Job for Airsoft Guns.

In this instructable, i will show how to do a simple airsoft paint job to use on your gun. I am using a cheap plastic mini auto in case i make a mistake.

Step 1: Materials

1 roll of thin masking tape
Spraypaint can(s)

Step 2: Masking Tape

Mask off any areas that you do not want to be painted. Make sure to cover safety, tip of barrel, trigger, loading port, and any other functional spots. I chose a striped design

Step 3: Painting

Lay down newspaper so u dont get paint on the floor.
Spray paint in breif strokes, holding the can about 10 inches above the gun. Let dry for about 10-15mins if inside or 5-10mins if outside. Gently peel off the masking tape, and try not to scratch the paint. The pain becomes more scratch resistant in about 2 days.

Step 4: Finished

Congradulations, you have just spray painted you airsoft gun. Choose different colors as you please. Dark reds, browns greens, tans, and blacks make the perfect camo for woodland, i chose silver because it was all i had at the time. Please comment, i can change some steps and answer questions. This was my first instructable. Picture 4 is my paintjob for my AEG, enjoy.

P.S. To add a worn look, use sandpaper and rub off the paint on corners, edges, and on the base.



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    you rifle is not legal. Remember Kids only you can stop people from painting orange tips.

    If you look real close, you can see that he taped the orange tip and so didn't paint it. He also added a label to it in the diagram where he taped the stripes.

    Not to revive a old post, but that is done to keep paint from going INSIDE THE BARREL! You don't want to screw your accuracy

    no on the last image it says painted over.

    You are entirely wrong. The orange tip is only required for SALES from stores. In fact on higher end aegs they are removable and black ( or other color) flashhiders can be purchased.

    I just painted my gun and instead of using masking tape, I made a paper stencil by folding an a4 in half and tearing out a strip in the middle then spraying diagonal lines. Looks much more camouflage-y and better than simply masking tape.

    is that the mini G3!!!  i hve one of those