Step 4: Finished

Picture of Finished
Congradulations, you have just spray painted you airsoft gun. Choose different colors as you please. Dark reds, browns greens, tans, and blacks make the perfect camo for woodland, i chose silver because it was all i had at the time. Please comment, i can change some steps and answer questions. This was my first instructable. Picture 4 is my paintjob for my AEG, enjoy.

P.S. To add a worn look, use sandpaper and rub off the paint on corners, edges, and on the base.
h88643 years ago
you rifle is not legal. Remember Kids only you can stop people from painting orange tips.
If you look real close, you can see that he taped the orange tip and so didn't paint it. He also added a label to it in the diagram where he taped the stripes.
no on the last image it says painted over.
zap895 years ago
your gun is more of a fail then my m83b2
Jonnyboy467 years ago
I just painted my gun(which I really liked a lot) but the paint is already wearing off. I am really dissapointed. Is there any coat to put on top. It is ultra flat paint so a gloss coat wouldnt make sense.
Well after you apply the paint and have the desired effect. add a layer of spray polyurethane, which creates a invisible layer protective finish. that should last you for a year or so.
yes i forget what it called can buy at home dept.
gth7 years ago
hey dude great idea
lotrsam117 years ago
hey! i wanted to make a really awesome loking camo, but i cant really figure it out...any tips?
ComandoDIY7 years ago
what gun is that on the forth pic on the last page?