Introduction: How to Do Stop Motion With IMovie

This tutorial shows you how to do lego stop motion

Step 1: Equipment

1. lego guy

2. base plate

Step 2: Lets Get Started!

Place you're lego guy on the edge of the screen of your camera

Step 3: Walk

Move his front leg up 1 stud or bump( whatever you'd like to call it)

Step 4: Walk

Place his front foot down

Step 5: Walk

Place his back foot down so he stands up straight

Step 6: Walk

Move his back foot up 1 stud or bump( whatever you call it)

Step 7: Walk

Move his back foot down

Step 8: Walk

Place his front foot down so he's standing up straight

Step 9: Import

Put your SD card in your mac

Step 10: Import

Go to finder and find your SD card button and click on it

Step 11: Import

Open up your pics and click on 1 pic

Step 12: Import

Hold down sift and click on the rest of the photos, then release the shift button

Step 13: Import

Drag your photos to the iPhoto app

Step 14: Import

Wait for photos to import

Step 15: Import

Open up iMovie

Step 16: Import

Create new project by, two finger click on the project half

Step 17: Import

It should look like this when you create a new project

Step 18: Import

Click on the camera button

Step 19: Import

Scroll to the bottom

Step 20: Import

Click the first photo of your stop motion, Hold down shift, then click the last picture of your stop motion vid

Step 21: Import

Drag your photos to the project

Step 22: Import

Highlight the first photo, click the blue gear button, click the applies to all stills button, and make the duration 0.1 seconds, and click done

Step 23: Done!

Click the first photo, Hold shift, then click the last photo, release shift, click the square crop button, click fit, then click done

Step 24:


tomatoskins made it! (author)2014-11-27

I'd love to see your video!


Would you like to see the walking one or any one?

tomatoskins made it! (author)tomatoskins2014-11-28

The walking one would be great! But if you have others that would be fun too!


I know this is a late reply, but I got better at making these videos, so here's one of them:

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