How to Do the Balisong Trick Kiss Goodbye


Introduction: How to Do the Balisong Trick Kiss Goodbye

This is my tutorial on the balisong trick kiss goodbye



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    Could you possibly do a series of photos of each bit of the move from your perspective? I keep trying it and my brain just can't reverse it. I really don't want my knife to end up in a bystander because I put a finger wrong.

    not bad but ya lost me cuz, I personally, had difficulty transitioning my balisong (trying to copy you) to yours because the image i was lookin at was flipped. May i suggest maybe turning to the side or filming your arm directly that way the veiw can be similar to the viewer. Still, overall, good.

    great help really will try the site

    very good never seen it done slow enoughf i could see how to do it now do you know were i might get a balisong in missouri in the stats sice from your shirt i'd say tiawan no affence