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The Macarena is a Spanish song that was written by a group known as Los Del Rio and appeared on their 1994 album titled, A mi me gusta. It was a large hit in many different nations in the mid 1990's and has a widely recognized dance that goes along with it. Although the dance it quite simple, there are many steps that help to make it so unique and enjoyable. When this song comes on in today's society, people still remember the motions that coincide with the lyrics and its beat. This famous dance is one that is easy to learn and can be used in public or private scenarios. If you enjoy dancing and have not learned the Macarena, these steps will give you the tools to become great at it!
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Step 1: Press play on a music playing device.

Picture of Press play on a music playing device.
It is possible for one to do the Macarena dance without music but it is more commonly recognized by the public when the song comes on through a speaker system. There is a two-eights introduction at the beginning of the song which provides dancers of the song with enough time to press play on the audio device and still make it back to the dance floor by the time the dance begins. There are no particular audio player requirements just as long as you make sure the volume is loud enough to fill the room with sound.

Step 2: Hand Extensions

Picture of Hand Extensions
Begin by extending your right arm forward in front of your body with your palm facing the floor below. Next, extent your left arm in the same manner that you did your right arm. This part of the dance should be displayed in a rhythmic style that keeps the beat of the Macarena song.

Hint: Movement of the hips and shoulders is encouraged throughout the duration of the musical piece.

Step 3: Hand Rotations

Picture of Hand Rotations
Start by rotating your right hand so that your palm goes from facing the floor, to facing the ceiling. Next, rotate your left hand in the same motion that you previously did with your right hand.
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