Introduction: How to Do the Cobra Weave

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To begin this was made for my other instructable "How to make a paracord key holder". This weave can be use for many thing such as tube covering, survival bracelets, key holders, etc. (Note: I didn't make this weave up or helped produce the making of this weave.)

Step 1: Supplies

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The basic stuff you need is you hands and 2 strands of paracord.

Step 2: To Begin.

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I created a jig to demonstrate how to make the cobra weave.

Step 3: Step 1

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First you take either side of the outer paracord strands then you bring it under the middle strands but over the third strand.

Step 4: Step 2

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Now you bring the red strand under the green strand.

Step 5: Step 3

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Now you bring the red strand over the middle stands and the open green hole.

Step 6: Step 4

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Bring the other/green strand under the middle strands and over the red strand.

Step 7: Step 5

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Now with the red strand over the middle strands and thought the green opening.

Step 8: Finishing

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Now continue alternating to create a cobra weave until you have reached the desired length.

Step 9:


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