On this instructable, I will show my "secrets" of word formating on instructables.
I am doing this to end all of the people that is begging on comments on how to format a word, like a lot of people wants to know how to do monospace text but they don't know how to make it or format it properly...
I will show you how to do it.

Heres a list of formatted words that I will show you how to make it.

Italic text

Bold text

Big text

Small text
Very small text
strikethrough text

  • Bullet points

(upside down text)

Step 1: Italic Text

Making italic text is easy, put two apostrophe on both side of a sentence.

Type it in plain text like this.
''This is italic text.''
And you will get this.

This is italic text.
<strong><big><big>Unfortunately,since the creation of this instructable, the site has had a number of significant revisions, and these tips no longer work.</big></big></strong>
<p>~~Does this work~~ </p><p>==or does this work==</p>
<p>' ' now i see ' '</p>
<p>''now i see''</p>
<p>&quot;&quot;now i see&quot;&quot;</p>
<p>&iexcl;looɔ</p><p>=====how did you lear these=====</p><p>=Awesome=</p><p>-=+=- </p>
Check this site out it is preety cool:<br> <br> <a href="http://upsidedownexclamationpoint.com" rel="nofollow">Upside Down Exclamation Point</a>
{{{ <br> Hi <br> }}}
{{{ <br>this doesnt work. <br>}}}
{{{ <br>Why doesn't this work!?!? <br>}}}
* bullet point<br>
~~ho~~ hi
What about teeny tiny type?<br/><br/><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub>wow this is so small you will never be able to read it! Or can you?</sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub><br/>
How did you do that?
Something like this:<br/><pre>^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,wow this is so small you will never be able to read it! Or can you?,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^</pre>Will result this:<br/><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub>wow this is so small you will never be able to read it! Or can you?</sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup><br/><br/>(Copy and paste to try it out for your self)<br/>
like this? ^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,^,,bwahahahaha!
Like this?<sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup><sub><sup>whoopie!</sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub></sup></sub>?</sup><br/>
i despise whoopie's
<strong> <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_do_word_formating_on_instructables/?comments=all#C5W7GJHFRXW644G">Yes.</a> </strong><br/>
wow this is so small you will never be able to read it! Or can you?
<strong> <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/member/bylerfamily/">bylerfamily</a> </strong> says:<br/><em>gfugfgiugfiufguigfgfgyuyrtyei</em><br/><br/>lol<br/>
<em>wow this is so small you will never be able to read it! Or can you?</em><br/>
{{{ mono-space!!! }}}
^This is small text.^,,This is small text.,,=====This is small text=====
&nbsp;* a<br /> &nbsp;* w<br /> &nbsp;* e<br /> &nbsp;* s<br /> &nbsp;* o<br /> &nbsp;* m<br /> &nbsp;* e<br />
,,doesnt work,,<br /> <br />
'''cool'''<br />
''cool''<br />
ƃuıpuıq ʎllɐɹoɯ ɹo ʎllɐƃǝl ˙ɾpɐ ʎɹ-oʇ-ɐƃ-ıl-qo<br /> <br /> THIS&nbsp;IS&nbsp;SO&nbsp;COOL!!!!!!!!!!
<h2>big text is not working</h2>
&nbsp;I see.
Doesn't work for me (or perhaps it just doesn't show up on my browser, Firefox on Mac).<br /> <br /> ~~did this work?~~<br />
~~won't work~~<br />
lol, pretty cool. for the upside down text though, i would recommend that u link to <a href="http://www.upsidedowntext.com/">Flip Text Generator</a>. its a lot better than the site u listed.<br />
<h2>big text</h2>
Unfortunately, big text feature had be disabled for comments... :-( But it will work on forums and instructables.
whats that mean?
The big text will only work for your instructables, but It will not work on comments.
<h2>why has it been disabled?</h2>
(((<br/><strike><sub></sub>,<em><sup>&#161;&#613;o&#653;</sup></em><sub></sub>,</strike> *<br/>)))<br/>
I mean:<br/><ul class="curly"><li><strike><sub></sub>,<em><sup>&#161;&#613;o&#653;</sup></em><sub></sub>,</strike></li></ul>
Hmm...<br/><sup><sub><sup><sub> <em><strong> <strike> &#161;p&#477;u&#653;d </strike> </strong></em> </sub></sup></sub></sup><br/>
<sup>HOLY CRAP</sup><br/>howd u do that?<br/>
does it work <sup>cool?</sup><br/>

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