How to Dodge a Draft





Introduction: How to Dodge a Draft

There hasn't been a military draft in the United States since 1972. With the scaling back of the all volunteer army currently stationed in Iraq and the public's opinion of the war in Iraq, there most likely will not be forced military service any time soon.

I'm going to tell you how to dodge a draft any which way because apparently people still want to know.

This by no means is a reflection of my personal views on the subject nor do I advocate dodging a draft. This is at best merely informational. User assumes any risk for actually being stupid enough to try any of this should the opportunity ever arise.

Step 1: Legal Channels

The first way to dodge a draft is to go about the matter legally. For instance, in the United States, upon being drafted, a young man can file for conscientious objector status with selective services. He can then go in front of the draft board and plead his case as to why he should not be drafted based on religious or moral grounds. However, objection to a particular war is not grounds for objection; the objection must be made against all wars. Most individuals that claim conscientious objector tend to fail their board hearing since there is no clear grounds on what constitute conscientious objectors and most drafts are instated at times of need.

Step 2: Slightly Less Legal Channels

If you can't dodge the draft through legal means or based on personal convictions as a pacifist, you can try to be declared physically unfit for service. Go to your doctor and get a thorough checkup for any possible deformity or ailment that may prevent you from being cannon fodder. If he finds something, have your doctor write you a note to the draft board. If he doesn't and he's nice he will make something up and write the note on your behalf any which way. Keep in mind that the military will most likely conduct their own physical and if it should be deemed that you are lying, well then you are just out of luck.

Step 3: One Small Step.

Avoiding the draft may be as simple as not stepping forward. When you receive a draft notice report to where you are told and when prompted to take one step forward if you are there to join the military, do not. By asking you to step forward and take an oath, the military is fooling you into volunteering to join the military against your will. The 13th amendment prevents involuntary servitude. Just hold your ground no matter what the officers on hand say or do to you. Be prepared to be assaulted verbally and possibly physically. You will also probably be arrested on some charge or another and is usually not upheld by the court since the amendment was originally created to stop slavery.

Step 4: Dirty Dirty Liar

Thanks to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy the military has in place, it would seem like all you would need to do is show up in drag and tell them that you are a flaming homosexual. However, Corporal Klinger, don't be surprised if this doesn't work. At times when the draft is needed, the army is less picky and even less likely to believe you (considering they heard that story three times already today). This probably won't work, but it may be worth a try.

To stay modern and out of the military, consider starting sexual reassignment. You may have to spend the rest of your life in some transgendered limbo, but at least you won't be shot at by strangers.

Step 5: Go Crazy? Don't Mind If I Do.

Another possibly ineffective means of avoiding military service is just acting downright crazy. Bark obscenities in all directions. Try to bite your ear off. Walk in circles while waiting in line. And most importantly, don't be surprised if it doesn't work.

Step 6: Get Spoken For.

You don't have to go to war if you go to prison. Armed robbery may be your ticket out of military service if you don't mind spending a couple of years locked in a cage. In fact, refusing to report to military duty will most likely get you locked up in prison any which way. However, be mindful, that in some regard that could be considered desertion or treason and in severe circumstances subject you to a death sentence. I would be careful about that depending on the circumstances.

Step 7: Fly the Coop.

If being locked away in an American prison is not your idea of a good time, fleeing the country is always an option. The most ideal place to go is a peaceful nation with no extradition agreement with the United States. The closest nation that I could think of that fits that bill is Cuba, so get your life raft out and start paddling. Unless of course, we go to war with Cuba. This eventuality is unlikely. Other places that are nearby and may be worth a visit are, the perennial favorites, Canada and Mexico

Step 8: Stay and Fight!

One way to avoid the draft is to challenge the government and stop the war. This is usually accomplished by gathering together a whole bunch of hippies and levitating the Pentagon 300 feet into the air with our minds. If you're having a bad day and the Pentagon won't levitate with the power of your love you are going to need to organize a peaceful resistance. Try the age-old practice of burning draft cards and having sit-ins. Refuse to go quietly.

Step 9: Prevent Wars

The best way to dodge drafts is to elect officials that won't start wars with other nations in the first place. Think about the selective service registration card that you filled out next time that you go to vote.

Step 10: If All Else Fails.

Render yourself physically unfit for combat. Chop off your trigger fingers. Puncture an eardrum. Break both your knee caps. Lose a couple of toes. You get the idea. Keep in mind that not only will you permanently disfigure yourself, you will be committing a crime. To add insult to injury, you can be sent to jail for this.



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    If you train for the right stuff, even if you are drafted, you might not have to fight...

    lol best way to avood draft,smoke pot fail the asvab then you should be on your way out :)

    On top of those things, you cannot be recruited if you are flat footed, also I had a teacher who avoided the draft buy havening a hernia. also my grandpa avoided combat by having a lung disease a a kid an then by enlisting as an airforce runway maintenance man

    1 reply

    flat feet is no longer excused for service. Just spoke to a recruiter about that in the past 6 months ( my son has flat feet)

    I tried to enlist (willingly) however I was denied because of my color blindness.

    Just fail the Ishimura card test. However, I don't know if the government removes this test during a draft as I was not alive during the last draft.

    1 reply

    color blindness does not excuse you from service, only certain MOS's. I haven't passed a color blindness test since i took the first one in the recruiters office in 1990. I served from 1991-1998 in the USMC as a radio operator and managed to secure two more MOS's while I was in.

    The best place to flee to is Svalbard. It is demilitarized by the Svalbard Treaty and citizens from signatory countries can move there without a permit, unlike most other regions of Europe, which have 90-day limits for foreigners. Even though it frequently hits -40 in the winter and rarely goes above freezing in the summer, it is still better than the military. In fact, Svalbard has numerous enormous benefits, one of which is that it is devoid of crime. Combine that with the unbelievable scenery of the Arctic, and you have an explanation for why Svalbard is literally one of the best places to live on the entire planet.

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    I avoid drafts by closing the window or donning a hoody.

    Ooops, wrong instructable.

    2 replies

    You beat me to it! Now I'm going to have to remove my later comment!

    Lol, sorry!

    You could make sure all the gaps in your windows and doors are plugged. If that fails, try moving your chair to somewhere else in the room.

    I'm not sure if this will work or not but I was rejected from being recruited into the Air Force out of High School, because I have titanium plates in my arm. I was told at the time I could car radiation if I was exposed to it. So you could always Break a leg or arm and get metal plates. They advised me to get it removed then I could be considered. This was a while back of course!

    1 reply

    I spent the better part of my youth serving in the armed forces and am proud of it. I took an oath as an officer to 'defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic', which means defending your 1st Amendment right to speak and write about anything you want.

    Where you are misguided is in your belief that it's cool to expound your political views on a site where people come to learn and share creative ideas, and where political discussion has no place.

    1 reply

    You might want to take a look at the other instructable this user has created; "How to enlist." They're not trying to make a political statement, just offer instruction, which is what this site is about. Of course, you are still free to disagree, and as Voltaire said:“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it”

    First of all, there is no draft and many patriotic men and women choose to serve in the military to defend America. This is the most pathetic instructable ever and it's really not even an instructable but rather a political statement(s). What's your next "instructable", how to vote democrat? Instructables should be apolitical in my humble opinion, you ruined it.

    1 reply

    The first thing he says is that there's no draft. Really, it doesn't sound like you read this instructable. I would hardly say that this is advocating a particular political view, but rather, providing instructions, on how to dodge a draft, for potential future reference. Instructables (the site) is apolitical, and even if this particular instructable is political, it can't ruin the site, as you seem to think.