Picture of How to dodge a draft
There hasn't been a military draft in the United States since 1972. With the scaling back of the all volunteer army currently stationed in Iraq and the public's opinion of the war in Iraq, there most likely will not be forced military service any time soon.

I'm going to tell you how to dodge a draft any which way because apparently people still want to know.

This by no means is a reflection of my personal views on the subject nor do I advocate dodging a draft. This is at best merely informational. User assumes any risk for actually being stupid enough to try any of this should the opportunity ever arise.

Step 1: Legal channels

Picture of Legal channels
The first way to dodge a draft is to go about the matter legally. For instance, in the United States, upon being drafted, a young man can file for conscientious objector status with selective services. He can then go in front of the draft board and plead his case as to why he should not be drafted based on religious or moral grounds. However, objection to a particular war is not grounds for objection; the objection must be made against all wars. Most individuals that claim conscientious objector tend to fail their board hearing since there is no clear grounds on what constitute conscientious objectors and most drafts are instated at times of need.
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DaddysGal222 months ago
If you train for the right stuff, even if you are drafted, you might not have to fight...

lol best way to avood draft,smoke pot fail the asvab then you should be on your way out :)

On top of those things, you cannot be recruited if you are flat footed, also I had a teacher who avoided the draft buy havening a hernia. also my grandpa avoided combat by having a lung disease a a kid an then by enlisting as an airforce runway maintenance man

flat feet is no longer excused for service. Just spoke to a recruiter about that in the past 6 months ( my son has flat feet)

RobertS276 months ago

I tried to enlist (willingly) however I was denied because of my color blindness.

Just fail the Ishimura card test. However, I don't know if the government removes this test during a draft as I was not alive during the last draft.

color blindness does not excuse you from service, only certain MOS's. I haven't passed a color blindness test since i took the first one in the recruiters office in 1990. I served from 1991-1998 in the USMC as a radio operator and managed to secure two more MOS's while I was in.

1gatjp6 months ago

The best place to flee to is Svalbard. It is demilitarized by the Svalbard Treaty and citizens from signatory countries can move there without a permit, unlike most other regions of Europe, which have 90-day limits for foreigners. Even though it frequently hits -40 in the winter and rarely goes above freezing in the summer, it is still better than the military. In fact, Svalbard has numerous enormous benefits, one of which is that it is devoid of crime. Combine that with the unbelievable scenery of the Arctic, and you have an explanation for why Svalbard is literally one of the best places to live on the entire planet.

ElizabethR1 year ago

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Klinger FTW!

Advar2 years ago
I avoid drafts by closing the window or donning a hoody.

Ooops, wrong instructable.
wobbler Advar2 years ago
You beat me to it! Now I'm going to have to remove my later comment!
Advar wobbler1 year ago
Lol, sorry!
wobbler2 years ago
You could make sure all the gaps in your windows and doors are plugged. If that fails, try moving your chair to somewhere else in the room.
I'm not sure if this will work or not but I was rejected from being recruited into the Air Force out of High School, because I have titanium plates in my arm. I was told at the time I could car radiation if I was exposed to it. So you could always Break a leg or arm and get metal plates. They advised me to get it removed then I could be considered. This was a while back of course!
carry radiation.
spikec2 years ago
I spent the better part of my youth serving in the armed forces and am proud of it. I took an oath as an officer to 'defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic', which means defending your 1st Amendment right to speak and write about anything you want.

Where you are misguided is in your belief that it's cool to expound your political views on a site where people come to learn and share creative ideas, and where political discussion has no place.
Crossing spikec2 years ago
You might want to take a look at the other instructable this user has created; "How to enlist." They're not trying to make a political statement, just offer instruction, which is what this site is about. Of course, you are still free to disagree, and as Voltaire said:“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it”
First of all, there is no draft and many patriotic men and women choose to serve in the military to defend America. This is the most pathetic instructable ever and it's really not even an instructable but rather a political statement(s). What's your next "instructable", how to vote democrat? Instructables should be apolitical in my humble opinion, you ruined it.
The first thing he says is that there's no draft. Really, it doesn't sound like you read this instructable. I would hardly say that this is advocating a particular political view, but rather, providing instructions, on how to dodge a draft, for potential future reference. Instructables (the site) is apolitical, and even if this particular instructable is political, it can't ruin the site, as you seem to think.
dataphool2 years ago
In the fall of 1973, I met a guy who told me he deserted and took a trip across the border. He couldn't go back for several years due to Washington being so intransigent. However, he didn't have to go. Unfortunately, I suspect that Ottawa may be somewhat more agreeable to requests from south of the border than 40 years ago. Best to get a careful look at policies of the government of the day.

Your article mentions Cuba and Mexico. I suspect Havana wouldn't mind embarrassing Washington. But do you want to live and learn Spanish? You could try New Zealand.
sherms6673 years ago
Tell them you wet the bed. They wont want to put you in a bunk (especially a top bunk [virtually unavoidable, or so I'm told,]) if the urine is going to leak down. They also won't want to deal with the dirty sheets. In addition, it creates problems with other soldiers. It is virtually impossible to hide and everyone will be ridiculing you, or at least avoiding you. Cleanup will take too much time in the morning too. This is how my Dad got out of Vietnam. It has worked for others too.
jkelson4 years ago
You forgot one...
Get pregnant
Doesn't work if you're a man! Men can't get knocked up. And it's not like in high school where the guy is also "punished" for getting the girl pregnant, pending he admits he's the father. He can't say "I can't go, my wife/gf is pregnant." lmao!!!!
doesnt work, women dont have to register with the selective services (cant be drafted)... yet.
brittain1234 years ago
or if they started drafting again you could move to canada
Shai Gar7 years ago
This is very easy for anyone of an abrahamic faith. (If you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim.) Don't worry if you are none of these, you can always fake being a christian, americans tend to assume you are one anyway. Deuteronomy 5:17 You shall not murder. You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you. —Matthew 5:38-42, NIV These two lines can be used by any christian. The first is from the ten commandments which all people of abrahamic faith must abide by.
Actually, with most Bibles there is a thou shalt not kill thing. Well, seriously, I wouldn't and I doubt there will be a draft EVER, since that would just make public opionion of the war even lower. Plus, with all the NATO troops that are going into Iraq, and all the ones they still have in the reserve, I doubt that there will ever be a need for a draft.
Actually the correct translation is "Thou shalt not murder" rather than "Thou shalt not kill".
Kill is to end a life accidentally
Murder is to end a life purposefully, regardless of what "mans law" says.
How long have you been a rabbi?
To understand ancient hebrew and greek is to be a religious leader of a particular faith?

Don't be so stupid.
No, but to make an authentic translation of the sacred texts of a religion requires a deep and profound knowledge of the language and culture in which that religion evolved and exists. It is man's law that turned the Hebrew word for murder into kill.
I was defining two words.
So why did Jesus order his desciples to sell their cloaks to buy swords to defend themselves? Why did Jesus imply that they needed to defend themselves from robbers and animals, but not to have the swords to cause uprising or mayhem?
Because it's a made up book.
mackamitsu7 years ago
there comes a point when one must defend their family, friends and neighbours. There is a difference between murder and self defense, or doing your duty as a soldier. As a civilian I would expect you wouldn't have to get in harms way, but I guarantee, when someone tries to harm your family, all bets are off.
I shall not kill a brother,father,son,uncle,and husband in any circumstances.Grant it, i won't actually give him a gun to shoot him,but i will NOT kill any other human.
But you'll kill a woman? You sexist prick.

Well I guess you're open game. Where do you live...
so what happens when someone enters your home, subdues you with force and violates the sanctity of your family? The cops are reactive, in other words they have to wait until something happens, by then you may not get to the phone in time to call 911. As soon as this happens you will change your tune, ask the Mennonites who left the group in PA after their daughters were killed.
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