How to Download Hulu Videos With StreamTransport


Introduction: How to Download Hulu Videos With StreamTransport

I am going to show you how to download hulu videos step by step so it will be so easy even a baby could do it.

Step 1: Download StreamTransport

First go to the Website.
Then where is says download click it.
Then click run or save as.

Step 2: Insall StreamTransport

Just Install StreamTransport like you normally would any other program.
Then run it.

Step 3: Go to Hulu Website.

When you  open it on the top of it it will say visit Hulu.
Click it.
Then you will be at the hulu website.

Step 4: Downloading the Video

Go to the video you want to download.

Select the Video You want to download where it has all the links.
Click Download.

Step 5: Final Step to Downloading Hulu Videos

If you want to see how far the download has gone you click show task.
Once the video finishes downloading click locate.
Then watch your downloaded video on any FLV Player.
You can do what ever you want with the video after that, it is yours to keep.



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    The stream transport website is down, be very careful getting it from other sites.

    That's great! Well, can Stream Transpor download a live TV or some videos streamed through RTMP protocol? I am a video clips lover, I always use the professional video grabber, which is can download Hulu videos too.

    It would be much easier if you use some professional tools, just simply download the hulu videos when you watch it. Extremely easy even for non-geeks.

    For recording live streaming video from hulu like websites, I prefer to use screen recording program, it's a pity that a good site no longer works on this. But in my opinion a little charge donated for supporting a valuable website to update the service of program is acceptable.

    As of 6/13/2011 StreamTransport no longer works on Hulu. According to their Forum, the developers have abandoned updating it. Apparently they found out that people would not Donate to support the program fixes and updates. The last update was August 2010.

    I don't know how it works on other video sites. I only wanted it for Hulu.

    What a shame. Looked like it could have been a great little program. They would have made a ton of money if they had just charged $10 for it and kept it updated.

    These also no longer work on Hulu: Hulu Downloader and Replay Video Capture.

    I should have thought of that. Thanks

    this method works great thanks, avg download speed is about 65 kb/sec for no apparent reason. you positively did not include a download link for StreamTransport

    1 reply

    I forgot to add it okay. I don't know how to add links to instrucatables okay.