How to download Youtube in MP4 format for iPad Air

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OK, I am an iPad Air user, and love movies so much that I almost use my iPad Air just as a video player. I will share some useful tips about enjoying movies on iPad Air. This is one of them: how to download Youtube video in MP4 format for iPad Air.

I think this tutorial maybe helpful, because I see many guys usually downloading Youtube first, then converting the downloaded video to MP4 for their iPad/iPhone/iPod. This is annoying. Why not simply download the Youtube video in MP4? So, here is how I do that:
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Step 1: Change the online video format to "Manually Select"

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Go to Options, find "Online Video" tab, change the "Select Format" to "Manually Select".

  1. The first step is the most important one, make sure to do it correctly.
  2. The Youtube downloader I am using is Any Video Converter. It is a pretty famous and useful tool. You can download it from
  3. This downloader is totally free, when you install it, it will recommends another software to you, make sure not to check it in the install process.

Step 2: Click "Add URL (s) " to add Youtube URL

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Step 3: Add URL and click "Start Download!"

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You need to go to Youtube and copy the URL of the video you want to download first, then simply paste it to the popup.

Step 4: Select MP4 as online video format

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In this popup you need to manually select MP4 as format of the video you download.

This is why the first step is very important. If you do not follow the step 1, it will automatically download the video in best quality, which means the output format will be random.

Step 5: Start downloading now!

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Now, it start downloading. And the downloaded video will be in MP4.

You may have a try now! This detailed tutorial may be helpful for you: