Picture of How to download almost any video using Safari
This is an easy tutorial to download almost any video on the web using the web browser Safari. This should work with almost any video. I will be download from youtube as an example.
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Step 1: Safari

Picture of Safari
Step one is just to make sure you have the most recent version of Safari. You can download it here:

I will be using Safari 4 but Safari 3 should work fine too.

Step 2: Opening

Picture of Opening
Open up Safari and go into the window tab. Click the button that says "Activity"

Step 3: Video

Picture of Video
Next navigate to a window with a video on it. The Activity window should change. Look for the file on the list that is large (in megabytes) and if the video hasn't fully loaded then it should say that only a certain amount of megabytes have loaded (ex. 4 out of 6)

Step 4: Download

Picture of Download
Double click on it and it should download.
GregJ33 months ago

What about with OS X Yosemite with Safari v8.0? No such listing in the menus for 'Activity', in the 'Window' menu or otherwise...

DoraemonK5 months ago

I often like to use DownloadHelper to grab streaming videos on my browser. Unfortunately, this add-on is only for FireFox. I have searched for the parallel solution for Safari untill I have found this DownloadHelper for Safari.

EdwardV6 months ago

it is a good YouTube downloader. thanks

Abigaill11 months ago

The safari web browser method is just for downloading YouTube videos, I
guess if you want to download almost any videos, you need use freemake
software, or online app Video Grabber, but I do not remember whether it
has daily download limits. Check it.

Tata552 years ago
I have Mountain Lion with Safari 6.0 (8536.25). In this step I can't see the "Activity" item in the drop down menu. What's wrong?
vietitali Tata5511 months ago

Me neither

Thanks for sharing the tips. Very useful.

I am here sharing mine, if you are a big fan of Firefox, you can try the DownloaHelper extension which could help download and convert videos easily, check the details of the extension here.
Or you can try some desktop tools such as this one which could download and convert videos at the same time and the best part is this tool support batch downloading, 100+ websites are supported.
Langter3 years ago
This is a good tutorial, I am going to try it out with a powerful video search engine and then let's see.
Hello, Langter!

Can you argument your statement that Elmedia Player does not work?
Anna Brooks3 years ago
If you can't download videos using Safari only, you can try Elmedia Player PRO, which downloads almost everything (

Elmedia PRO does not work, and they do not offer refunds. Save your money, there are better free software applications out there.
cool knex133 years ago
cool next time i will do this
chrisllc3 years ago
Instead of downloading the file; safari now opens the .flv in a new page with quicktime... can't find a save option on quicktime... any tips?
Read bceltic comment just 3 comments under yours... You'll find what you're looking for, activity still works just a different way...
bceltic3 years ago's working..all u need is Option key+double click on the file in the activity window.
Bceltic your little '19 words' were a life saving encounter !!!

I've been looking and posting about this for ages and I couldn't find anything. How the hell did you figure this one out ? :)

Thank you loads !
bceltic3 years ago
It doesn't work for me anymore.....anyone knows why??
this is only on mac rite??
Works better on Windows...hehehe!!!
not necesarilly, (i mean it ALMOST worked for me and i have windows)
jreal23 years ago
Still works pretty well for me...I use Safari 5.0.5 now
This also works with music as well
thats cool
domokunrox4 years ago
whenever i double click on the video name the activity box just closes
domokunrox4 years ago
i tried this but it didnt work, the activity box didnt do anything. is it because i have windows 7 on my computer??????
esparzaesp5 years ago
this doesn't work the way i thought. what good does it do if it can only be opened with safari. i new of a web page that would let you convert an flv to mp4 but its down now. anyone know of any others?
its starting to not work for me anymore :( help?
Klect9605 years ago
Hey dude thats pretty cool but for me it downloaded in flv is that meant to happen cause I don't have any flv players and I can't really be bothered getting one is there anyway to download it in like mp4 or something
lotsofstuff (author)  Klect9605 years ago
the reason it downloaded in flv is because that is how the video is streamed
Padlock5 years ago
Woah! This is great. I never knew about this.